The 2016 Quanzhou cultural tourism Carnival ended Hester acbel

The 2016 Quanzhou cultural tourism Carnival Hester ended in November 6th, a month of the "Hester 2016 Quanzhou cultural tourism Carnival" success. As of November 6th, Quanzhou city has organized 83 cultural tourism activities, publicity and promotion of the sea culture, the development of ancient city tourism, started the "Hester Quanzhou" brand, promote tourism consumption. The Carnival "charm of Hester · wonderful Quanzhou" as the theme, the activities are integrated into the Seacell cultural elements, further to Hester and Quanzhou link. From the country’s tourism industry, tourism enterprises to invest on behalf of experts and scholars around the "The Belt and Road construction background, on the promotion of Quanzhou brand casting, Hester Haisi culture and new ideas for the future development of the tourism industry in Quanzhou to conduct dialogue and discussion, and the effects of the Quanzhou sea silk spots, further understanding of Quanzhou, Quanzhou, on Quanzhou investment, vigorously promote" sea Quanzhou "rich cultural and historical heritage and beautiful scenery. The carnival theme of unity, rich in content and form, including sports events, festivals, high-end dialogue, sale, promotions, folk experience, outdoor camping culture, auditorium, exhibition, religious pilgrimage, theater performances etc.. Strong participation, interaction and experience. Visitors can close watch international events, enjoy international cultural performances; can participate in the tea culture, culture, culture of the porcelain incense experience; you can stop the taste with ancient flavor, cultural taste characteristics of the local delicacy, smooth purchase with local characteristics of the souvenir; you can feel the benefits, female crab Fu female unique folk custom you can enjoy variety to the suburbs; the ornamental chrysanthemum, Brazil peony, maple and so on, in October to become the national Carnival month! The carnival organically tourism, culture, sports, urban construction and other departments, accommodation, catering, shopping, scenic spots, cultural and creative industries at the same time force, work together to build a Marine Silk Road culture tourism consumption feast, not only highlights the advantages of Quanzhou development of the global tourism, Quanzhou is also an exploration of the development of the global tourism. The carnival, leisure and health travel greatly favored. On the morning of October 14th, the little yellow people riding tour of the ancient city of experience in the activities of the ancient city of Quanzhou, riding activities by the public, tourists welcome. According to the Quanzhou bicycle company smile statistics, 15 "small yellow people" one-day riding times that exceeded 50 thousand, a record high. In addition, the fifth ancient city Yongning Wei Cheng Huang Festival, "Huian encounter female · the taste of eternal love delicacy folk experience a variety of cultural activities organized by the city and other leisure activities, experience activities are welcomed by tourists is in a continuous line. The carnival has more than 60 activities are the main business planning operation, the ratio of more than 70%. In order to allow more involved in the activities of enterprises involved in tourism, jointly promote Quanzhou tourism, publicity Quanzhou tourism, the City Tourism Bureau launched nearly 300 companies directly involved in activities. Enterprises to participate in activities including delicacy Festival, tourism commodity sale, the little yellow people ride a tour of the ancient city tourism experience activities, promotional activities, the fifth batch of Quanzhou souvenir that covers the delicacy, and other activities, shopping, accommodation, scenic spots, creative industries etc..相关的主题文章: