The 6 year old small Lolita for the blind mother when my eyes

The 6 year old "small Lolita" for the blind eyes when mom recently, Chongqing Times correspondent to act the way, accidentally discovered a story of warmth, a blind mother due to illness, but she had a lovely daughter, around 6 year old daughter with daily mother, my mother’s eyes become blind people. More than and 10 days ago, correspondent to the way, see in Chongqing city of Zhongxian Wu Yang Zhen a village, a little girl holding a blind mother to go out. See this scene, a pedestrian was moved, came to the mother and son, to understand the real life of the mother and daughter. The blind mother called Liu Ying, aged 38, 10 years ago, Liu Ying had a high fever, retinal detachment resulting in blindness. Her husband, Kang Renping, is also a disabled person with a right hand amputation and a loss of part of the ability to work. However, is such a blow in the face of multiple family, still no regrets, rely on active life. The couple had a daughter named Kang Jiali, 6 years old this year, lively and cheerful, happy sunshine, the neighbors are her "little Lolita". Liu Ying due to binocular vision are zero, walking on two sticks to Pathfinder, cooking at home on the finger touch can finish. Liu Ying hurt her daughter small calli, although invisible, but every day she is the daughter of clean, but also often buy new clothes for her daughter. The little girl is also very good, only 6 years old, she, in addition to school, all day long from the mother or so, become the mother’s eyes, which is strong and optimistic mother and daughter moved many people. Chongqing Times reporter Yu Yang correspondent cqtimes155735相关的主题文章: