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The baby milk crust and dandruff? You will give your baby shampoo it? Sohu maternal parents frequently asked the kangaroo hemp, a thick layer of crusta long the baby’s head, how to remove? Some parents ask, the baby’s head how like adults have dandruff, how is it? Encounter this problem, first ask the kangaroo Mom: is your baby shampoo? 1, on baby head why milk crust and dandruff? In fact, when the baby was born, the surface of the skin with a layer of oil, coupled with the baby The new supersedes the old. is very strong, if the baby after birth do not wash your hair, for a long time, the secretion and shedding of the skin, hair and dust will accumulate, and form a layer of thick crust, the crust is also known as "embryonic callus". If the birth washed hair, after a period of time for the baby shampoo, it is easy to form dandruff, this long time with adults do not wash your hair and dandruff is a truth. Chinese tradition that shampoo can let the baby catch cold, or will hurt the baby fontanel, so baby shampoo should not take a shower. For a long time do not wash your hair, the head of the baby’s milk scab naturally accumulate more thick. And the reason why the west is very little baby thick callus, because they start from the newborn, often give the baby a bath shampoo. So, dear Baba I have, before in the tangle on baby head why milk scab or dandruff, ask yourself, give the baby shampoo? And a little note, there is a kind of crusta is baby eczema and dandruff. If the baby’s head has been long thick yellow crust, there is even a stench, we must guard against eczema! However, the performance of eczema is varied, some babies simply head yellow callus; and some babies accompanied by yellow water flow; some baby head has large white dander, often catch a stop; even some babies are above all the performance. So if you find that your baby looks very itchy scalp, always scratching, the best take the baby to the hospital department of Dermatology, the doctor diagnosed eczema is not so. 2, often give a baby shampoo benefits the baby a long time do not wash your hair, but there will be ugly on the head of crusta and dandruff, also can let the baby feel uncomfortable itching, crying unceasingly, thus affecting the digestion, absorption and sleep. So, always give the baby shampoo. If conditions permit, then at least give the baby wash 2~3 times a week, if it is in hot weather, it is best to give your baby every day shampoo. Often give the baby shampoo, can avoid dirt grease caused by the baby scalp itching, blistering, infection or even, also can make the scalp benign stimulation, so as to promote hair growth. For those suffering from eczema, cleaning is also conducive to the recovery of eczema. In addition, parents do not have to worry about shampoo will bruise the fontanelle. Although 1 years old baby fontanel is not closed, the relatively weak and soft, but there is still a scalp and subcutaneous tissue protection. Wash your hair as long as the attention not beat the fontanel, but here the hand or gauze graze, will not hurt it. 3, to the baby shampoo should pay attention to 1) to choose the right time for the baby’s hair is not an easy thing to do, so choose a shampoo ~!相关的主题文章: