The British aristocracy in the princes inexhaustible male (Bilingual)-mentalist

The British aristocracy of the princes of the Royal male inexhaustible (Bilingual)         source introduction: SherryAN McCain: the UK is a fresh (more dirt), deep meaning (deep ice late), Genzheng Miao red (three deviation and can teach you a lot) English cultural knowledge (definitely not spelled Huan de Freetalk Encyclopedia)!         this episode we’re going to talk about the British aristocracy.           this is indeed a very complex topic. Start with a few key words.           speaking of nobility, we may think of a word called Nobility (meaning noble class), but from the perspective of the origin of the word, the word is mainly refers to the king and his relatives.           in addition, there is a less common word Aristocracy, its meaning is: the people in the highest social class, who traditionally have a lot of land, money and, power     noble; aristocracy;; & nbsp;     in fact, here point out several major features: the nobility of high social status, a rich and powerful. But the word is a vague concept, and it has no legal meaning. This is a very important word, peerage, to distinguish between the. The British aristocracy           Peerage         the peerage: all the British peers considered as a group [UK] (general)   noble       the rank of a British Peer [UK] peerage           Peer [p a member of??] the British nobility, who has the right to sit in the House of Lords [the British House of Lords nobles] can attend       &nb Jie相关的主题文章: