The car ran hard Lu’an district foreign license owners have refused to directly hit the open gate pretty rhythm

The car ran hard Lu’an district foreign license owners have refused to directly hit the gate open today, the residential parking difficult, is not a new thing, for the majority of the owners, a squeeze, will be on or can. But in the holidays, returning from the field of car owners, how to stop? The small holiday, on the occurrence of such things together, foreign vehicle license choice Jiangchuang District, even at the damaged fence, it also allows users There were many discussions. What happened in the early morning of 15, the first day of a small holiday, the owner may be from the field to go home to celebrate the local people, vehicles hanging field license. Came to the urban area after a request to enter, but was rejected by the district security. There are people living in the District, said the district is a closed cell, non residential vehicles are generally difficult to enter, and security is also required in accordance with the provisions of the above, to be managed. But not a word, the owner should choose to break, directly hit the open gate, rushed into the area. After receiving the alarm, the police rushed to the scene, found the gate has been damaged. "So capricious owners, had to ask you to go to the police station." @ Lu’an police released online. Things are small, can reflect the problem behind, but it is often encountered by many people. "Not to mention the field license vehicles, that is, I am the local people, to live in other residential relatives, can encounter a similar thing." Public Fung said that now many urban areas are the access control system to regulate residential parking order, really have the effect, but it has brought new problems, taking relatives, who have no relatives and friends, others drive over to see you, not to stop outside the village, and no parking in the end, you should do? "Mr. Feng confused, representative. And for this and many of the public security area dispute Ms. king also complained: "the guards also understand the difficulties, after all the above requirements, they can only according to the regulations, the property company can be more reasonable arrangement, should not across the board, what cars are not allowed to enter." In the eyes of users, hard to break the behavior of the district is too capricious, of course, undesirable, but many residential parking spaces in the management, it is debatable. A lot of residential parking spaces do not rent only sell, underground parking spaces must be built, not built buildings can not be checked. The underground not, the ground is not enough, causing the road is full of cars, the relevant departments should be forced to have underground parking areas open underground parking spaces, at the same time, to intensify the construction of the parking lot." Netizen "I am a big man" suggested that there are friends that regulate residential management should be more humane no ground for blame, but a little "conflict, should think of ways to resolve, not to intensify, the owner of the behavior is wrong, may require the inconvenience does exist, should also reflect on." Some netizens said. (reporter Liu Jin from the Dabie Mountains morning included the original title: foreign license) car ran hard cell users: parking problems should be paid attention to相关的主题文章: