The Cassini spacecraft to Saturn shooting the latest high-definition image (video) ca1290

The Cassini probe shooting the latest encounter finally Saturn HD image: Cassini Saturn as shown in the figure, this image is Cassini photographed on April 25th, when 2973000 kilometers in distance from the planet. Tencent space news according to science news website reported that at present, NASA’s Cassini probe shooting the latest Saturn’s northern hemisphere HD photos, April 2016 25-27, Cassini detector scanning of Saturn and Saturn’s rings, shooting a series of images. This image is a mirror of the Cassini spacecraft wide-angle camera and 200 mm focal length of the shooting, when shooting the Saturn detector distance 2973000 km, 355 km per pixel image. The Cassini mission scientists have been able to process these images into a 48 second long video, which shows a change of Saturn for about 4 days. Saturn will last for up to 10 hours, 32 minutes and 45 seconds. The top image clearly visible a huge hexagon jet flow around Saturn Arctic region, a jet of each side is slightly larger diameter than the earth. Now, after 12 years of research on Saturn, Saturn’s rings and their satellites, the Cassini spacecraft has entered the final phase of the space flight. Starting in November 30th, the Cassini probe will orbit through the outer edge of the Saturn ring, and in orbit, the Cassini probe will be 7800 km from the center of the F narrow ring. It is reported that the final detection stage of Cassini began in the spring of 2017. In the final stage, the Cassini probe was close to Saturn, drawing the magnetic field and gravitational field of the gas giant planet very closely. (long compile)相关的主题文章: