The donor is not dead yet! Organ donation from Buddhist death

The donor is not dead yet! From the death watch brain death organ donation is not equal to death (source: information) why organ donation in the process of brain death is not completely equal to the death "? Ji Road Mage: the current medical organ donation after brain death, general requirements in the heart of death before the completion of harvesting of donor organs, to ensure the freshness of organ donation and transplantation effect. However, the existence of Buddhism believes that serious ethical problems, brain death is not equal to the actual death, organ removal may occur with vital signs, even when the survival in donors. There is a process of human death. Even human organs vital signs disappeared, represents the meaning of life consciousness has not completely disappeared, but rough knowledge of God (eight in the sixth sense) slowly away from the body, this time for something good and evil, right and wrong, love and hate to judge the strength, the body gradually lose consciousness from the start. After that, by the end of seventh, eighth general Alaya deep knowledge of God began to leave. The death of God in the sense of slow to leave, is tired of life by the people for the material entity of inertia, as well as the life of the various kinds of love. Under normal circumstances, within eight hours of the main body of God to leave the body, within the next three days, all of God’s consciousness to leave the body, there will be no residual. Therefore, Buddhism believes that at least eight hours, can not move the dead, but also can not harm their bodies. Otherwise, cut the body will make the deceased great pain. Even after eight hours, there may still be very few, very deep levels of consciousness remaining in the body. There is also a special case: if a person especially miss world and the karma, may God consciousness after three days long time still linger outside environment color, reluctant to leave. But no matter what kind of situation, it is impossible to know the body organs in the presence of vital signs of the body completely leave the body. The Buddhist view of life, not only respect the recipients of life, but also to maintain the dignity of life giver. In the case of brain death as the sole basis for death, organ donation will cause direct damage to the living life, which is not recognized and not supported. Warm praise Buddhism based on the "no me" great charity, but never encourage man beyond the limited endurance of giving body meat, but do not want to see contrary to the law of life good, due to the actual damage public life, and even become a blind social identity. The comprehensive reflection on organ transplantation and donation in China has been rooted in the hearts of everyone after nearly a century of universal education. Based on this, modern medicine and biology have built up the whole cognition of life. At first it was "the theory of matter", which advocated that "death is as light as a lamp", but at least it is thought that the life of the organ has not been completely disappeared. But in recent years with the introduction and spread of brain death "concept, some traditional identification methods of" death has been behind the "critical point should be determined in the death of" brain death "position, the current general that the" heart death "to move forward. In the "brain death" under the cognizance, "to die" is no longer a drama.相关的主题文章: