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Web-Design Content Management System or CMS has a very important role to play, in the very vast arena of web development by making the work simpler for the ones who develop websites. Many open source tools have made the task of website customization easier for software programmers and website designers. The force that has played a major role in the success of websites is WordPress web design service. As The leader in open source publishing, it has registered a spurt in its growth ever since its inception in the year 2003. With the internet phenomenon on the rise, more and more people have be.e .puter literate. Popularity of technical as well as non-technical blogs has sky rocketed. Extensive usage of Professional blogs is leading to better promotion of business. This has brought in the need for user friendly customized blogs. Ordinary people are on a look out for technologies that can help them in getting benefits from the newest inventions for promoting their business and their presence on the inter.. WordPress being a latest invention has a lot to offer. Millions of templates and many custom made themes are available on WordPress. These allow an easy personal customization of the site. This feature of wordpress makes it a popularly used CMS and allows integration on websites. WordPress website Blogs provide guidance for work online. Newbies benefit a lot from this feature. The web template processor is an important feature of wordpress. Without knowing HTML, PHP or CSS code, the user friendly features of wordpress along with custom themes have allowed easy rearrangements of widgets .With e learning on the rise it is not difficult to learn few web publishing tricks. These are fee of cost. Being able to edit HTML and PHP codes will give a great high to the user. The different features of WordPress are optimization of search engines for the websites, management of integrated link and permalink structure. Because of this it is possible to assign multiple categories to articles. It allows nesting of articles too. The inclusion of features like rich text formatting options and auto filters for editing of articles in a professional way has made wordpress very popular. Text formatting allows converting simple quotes to smarter ones. Pingback and Trackback that allow visibility of links to other websites are also supported by WordPress. The plugin architecture of word press is that it increases its functionality beyond what it has to offer. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: