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The Earth Moon OUT moon moon is what feeling? Sohu – Sohu automobile headlamp [car] imperceptibly, this year’s Mid Autumn Festival is coming, it is time to the year family reunion to eat mooncakes. Of course, the Mid Autumn Festival holiday from its origin and customs are closely linked with the moon, the moon is also a traditional Mid Autumn Festival is essential. But we are usually the moon moon on earth today, it will beam Jun chatting with everyone can go to the moon to the moon, what can be so magical? Let’s go and have a look. Sell so much about, in fact we want to talk about today is the lunar rover. We usually talk about the car every day, most will talk about electric cars, I believe everyone was a little bit tired, can usually talk about the lunar rover is not appropriate, by the Mid Autumn Festival this opportunity we can finally talk about the lunar rover. The first lunar rover to say thanks to the United States and the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union and the American people want to when the earth’s boss, and later to the even space too, so the two countries began defying the development of space technology. The moon from the earth as the nearest celestial body "a course to become a hotly contested spot", the two countries are trying to pass through the lunar rover on the moon "to prove their ownership". Although the United States and the Soviet Union in the years of hegemony, the United States in several rounds of victory over the Soviet Union, but in the case of the lunar rover, the Americans really did not win the Soviet union. Although the United States was the first country to make a manned spacecraft to land on the moon, it was the Soviet union. In November 17, 1970, the Soviet Union’s first lunar rover Lunokhod 1 landing landing on the lunar surface rain moon sea area, became the first landing on the moon of the lunar rover in human history. This car Rover looks like a drum, 2.2 meters long, 1.6 meters wide, weighing 756 kilograms. There is a raised lid, the car is 8 wheels, each wheel is also independent control, vehicle speed of 1~2km H. The vehicle’s equipment includes a tapered antenna, a high precision directional helical antenna, four television cameras, and a number of devices used to measure lunar soil density and physical and chemical characteristics. Beneath the raised lid is a solar cell. The antenna will be responsible for the transfer of the moon in Moscow to a group of five, by their remote control of lunar rover’s next move. In addition, the rover 1 is also equipped with X ray analyzer, X ray telescope, and cosmic ray detectors and other laser equipment. The car is powered by a solar array, so the work of lunar rover No. 1 "only on the moon during the day, in addition to the lunar rover with polonium 210 to ensure the working temperature. Lunar rover 1 scheduled for 90 days of the mission time actually lasted for about 322 days, the total number of lunar rover, a total of several cruises on the moon, the total journey of 10540 meters, 1. More than 20 thousand photographs were taken, including a total of 200 photographs, soil physical tests at one site, and chemical analysis of soil at 25 sites. After the Soviet people face, americans.相关的主题文章: