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The first national railway named after Zhan Tianyou square in Harbin city of Heilongjiang open – Channel – September 30 Harbin Xinhua (Jiao Yang) September 29th, Harbin Zhan Tianyou Plaza officially opened by Zhan Tianyou, the science and Technology Development Foundation donated the statue of Zhan Tianyou was officially settled in the square, a total of 7 meters high the standing statue is our highest standards of the bronze statue of Zhan Tianyou. The square is located in the city of Harbin xidazhi street and Fuxing Street junction, Middle East Railway 100 building "Middle East Railway Club in the southwest corner, and Harbin Railway Bureau office building vicenza. It is the only "Zhan Tianyou square" in Harbin and Heilongjiang". Square planning area of 2800 square meters, the overall layout of a new era railway emblem shape, with distinct characteristics of the railway industry. The center of the square stands a statue of Mr. Zhan Tianyou’s statue, the statue is 3.6 meters high, the base height of 2.8 meters, is currently the highest of a statue, is also the first national railway named after Zhan Tianyou square. Circular Plaza, four step height of 0.6 meters, the main base of sculpture and the total height of 7 meters, the square was completed for the Harbin year moral authority 70 anniversary, Hongqiao Ji zhuchu part feature modeling sculpture base from the city of Harbin has a hundred years of history. Square outside the ring diameter of 19.46 meters, the platform inner diameter of 12.12 meters. Square back to the beginning of the last century, the old platform of Harbin Railway Station, around the old green car, a crane, with semaphore and other old railway equipment, the maximum reduction of historical features of Harbin Railway Station. Photo by the people’s Bank of Heilongjiang photography team Wu Jiu photography. Share to: (commissioning editor: Zou Hui, Ding Yang)相关的主题文章: