The first the Great Wall Wei International Culture and art festival in Zhangjiakou Wanquan area

The first the Great Wall Wei International Culture and art festival in Zhangjiakou Wanquan area opening on September 2016 24-25, sponsored by the Wanquan District of Zhangjiakou City People’s government, Zhangjiakou Acropolis Tourism Management Co. Ltd., Shanghai Tai Li Tuo Internet Polytron Technologies Inc jointly hosted the first session of the Great Wall Wei International Culture and Art Festival "in Zhangjiakou, the grand opening of the acropolis. Warm atmosphere, over ten million people to participate in sharing this event. The 2022 Winter Olympics opportunity, Zhangjiakou on the world stage, in this historical opportunity, Zhangjiakou city planning integration of the city’s tourism resources, the formation of the whole region, all elements of all time, all varieties of tourism form. Zhangjiakou Wanquan Acropolis and trend, relying on 600 years of cultural deposits and the Acropolis military advantage, the positive development of leisure tourism, adapt to the market development, to fill gaps in the market. The the Great Wall Wei International Culture and Art Festival "art, opening, carnival, exploration, culture, spirit" as the theme of the core idea of cultural tourism around the Acropolis showcasing ancient city image and regional characteristics, is committed to a 600 year history of the ancient city of charm, give more clever, more artistic, more international genes will a better future show in the world, let the world see Chinese Acropolis charm. The three major entertainment venue simultaneously, in Wei Cheng the Wanquan idle away in seeking pleasure Art Festival a total of three points the main venue, which is located in the east of Yicheng Wei home court activities Wanquan square, contains six main activities: creative market, folk (Wei Cheng) bazaar, bazaar, bazaar, affordable delicacy and adorable pet paradise the Great Wall interactive program. Excellent independent designers in various fields of the three places to attend, the star of the powerful blast, the Acropolis the brand "Wei Ran" also took the opportunity to debut. "Wei Ran to the township to land, may be the city" as the theme, combined with the local characteristic resources Wanquan area, Wanquan traditional culture, adding modern fashion design elements, cross-border, integration, innovation, create characteristic agricultural products and art. In addition to the main meeting site, the day in the vicinity of the old town hall, Wanquan Chengguan Street Cross two were added in the venue, give visitors more choice to play at the same time, also can attract tourists on the Acropolis to form a more comprehensive understanding and a good impression. Hundred housing prices at the   the Acropolis as developers eyes "xiangbobo" except festival activities, in turn, Vanke, Hengda, Boland, Biguiyuan, offshore real estate and many hundred housing prices in the art festival in depth meet the Acropolis, forum and Wanquan district government, imagine the future strategic planning to protect the Acropolis with the development of the. Mentioned in the forum for the protection and development of the Acropolis, the ancient city of 600 years of construction, the first "Internet plus text brigade + agricultural project development mode — in cultural tourism, cultural tourism promotion to drive. The third wave of cultural tourism real estate known as the real estate industry, policy, tourism market and investment demand will improve, promote cultural tourism in recent years, real estate project development, cultural tourism into the real estate just need time. The Acropolis is located 15 km west of Zhangjiakou, Chongli West 85.相关的主题文章: