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The irony of the former party secretary of poetry was kept for 19 days the police refused to compensate the Sohu culture channel wrote doggerel irony Guangdong former Lianjiang party secretary Wu Jiezhong Ruan Guoyuan, on suspicion of libel by local police detention for 19 days, he was released on bail, the case one for 9 years, the police was transferred to prosecutors charged, nor the case. Recently, Nguyen source to the Lianjiang Municipal Public Security Bureau submitted a national compensation request. In September 13th, the Lianjiang Municipal Public Security Bureau issued a criminal compensation decision that Nguyen was detained on suspicion of libel in October 23, 2006, the same year in November 10th was released on bail in July 14, 2016, he proposed to apply for state compensation, the state compensation has exceeded the prescribed time request "for two years, so no compensation. In January 1, 2016 the implementation of the "Supreme People’s court and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate on criminal compensation case applicable legal interpretation" provisions, termination and cancellation of bail, residential surveillance, detention and arrest measures, the authorities handling the case for more than a year not prosecuted, made the decision not to prosecute or dismiss the case, which belongs to the termination of criminal responsibility the case. In September 19th, the "State Compensation Law" one of the drafters, vice president of the China University of Political Science and Law (MA) to the surging news said, in the case of the Ruan source of judicial interpretation, the alleged libel case of termination of criminal responsibility should be regarded as the date of January 1, 2016, the state compensation for the limitation of the starting point from this day onwards it does not exceed the limitation, and Ruan case belongs to the scope of state compensation, the organ liable for compensation should make the decision on compensation and compensation. Secretary Ruan Guoyuan defamation case 9 years pending, closed party claims rejected the Lianjiang Municipal Public Security Bureau to the state compensation decision shows that due to the Bureau of Lianjiang city government offices, director Kwong dissatisfaction, in mid October 2006 (during the time when the city leadership election), was in the Lianjiang municipal government when the two messages at Ruan Guoyuan will be edited through the mobile phone, sent to the middle-level cadres in Lianjiang city and a number of villages and towns, Kwong, Momou (who was elected vice mayor of Lianjiang city) couple, and Wu Jiezhong (when he was party secretary of Lianjiang) for libel. After receiving the alarm, Lianjiang City Public Security Bureau, in October 20th of the same year on the admissibility and investigation, in the same year in October 23rd on suspicion of libel criminal detention of Ruan Guoyuan. Because the country is suffering from a serious disease Ruan source not in custody, the Lianjiang Municipal Public Security Bureau on November 10, 2006 on bail. Ruan Guoyuan told the surging news interview, said he wrote doggerel, to the local officialdom corruption as the basis, the purpose is to prevent some corrupt officials promotion. He was released on bail since more than 9 years, the police never will prosecute the case to prosecutors, also not closed. Today, there have been a number of officials in Lianjiang Nguyen case has been sacked. In March 2016, former vice mayor of Zhanjiang Wu Jiezhong alleged bribery, by Guangzhou city procuratorate investigation and take coercive measures; the executive Wu Jiezhong instructions to implement the investigation of Lianjiang Municipal Public Security Bureau East of Ma Ruan source, July 2012 because of gangs, favoritism.相关的主题文章: