The grand master Cloud Lake academy teaching eight speech vivid metaphor interpretation reshacker

The grand master Cloud Lake academy teaching vivid metaphor interpretation of speech eight Cloud Lake academy founder of the grand master to teach the students the "eight speech" (source: Phoenix Buddhism Photography: Miao PU) grand master encouraged students with consciousness to examine the mind, to help, being your own boss, do it yourself. (source: Phoenix Buddhism Photography: Han Zhiyun) Grand Master with Cloud Lake College Students (source: Phoenix Buddhism Photography: Han Zhiyun) Cloud Lake College founder of Grand Master in October 22nd for fourth period classics seminar hundreds of students speak "eight speech", a simple and vivid metaphor of allusions, let the students very quickly understand the relationship and effect of eight. Master mentioned China eight sects, four for the door: Law, Zen, pure land, dense; four solutions: door three, idealism, Tiantai, Huayan, consciousness is one of them. The master told the students there are eighteen first, six eyes like a telescope, ears, the nose is like radio reconnaissance aircraft, the tongue is tasting machine, the body is overall, heart is in charge, we must first understand the relationship. In order to master himself did Gatha illustrate the relationship and the role of the eight general: "five eight general eye ear nose tongue body and mind to and, at the end of the message as a messenger, Rushan Alaya is as deep as the sea. Behind the scenes of Laya masters, at the end of the assignment as a pioneer in the heart of central command, the five general activities such as herd." The decomposition of eight: "the eight brothers is a village, the village is the holding, five went on sale, the mind home alone statue. The eye view heard as the nose smell, tongue touch the heart to an end, I hold that communication, how could one sin Fu laya." Master through "two Ghost War corpse" metaphor let you quickly clear the problem of "who am I?" One, how? How can life be free, transcendent and free? Manage your own six knowledge? Manage your own heart? How to turn knowledge into wisdom? Turn the five knowledge into the intelligence, knowledge transfer sixth miaoguanchazhi, seventh turn knowledge to wisdom of equality, turn the eighth consciousness for great mirror wisdom. What is faith? Master in Zen koan to illustrate. He said: there is a home to the consciousness of Zen School participation but not corresponding, leaving a Zen hall to the door, to see the big stone, asked: "the stone in the heart or heart?" Only to answer: "million law consciousness, so the stone in the heart." The Lord asked again: "the stone in the heart do not feel very heavy?" Therefore, although the theory: "three realms idealism, 000 law consciousness", everything is idealism that is, can change, but to the Buddha belief such as empty, full of vanity, full of law, to the poor three, vertical cross over the ten party. Finally, the master encouraged the students: come here, hope to get what? To God, but in his heart, to do their own masters, to determine their own place, to find their own true nature, treasure, to believe in yourself, use only to examine the mind, to help, dominate oneself, let oneself do his will.相关的主题文章: