The Importance Of Data Encryption

Software As the general public more attuned to the various data breaches, privacy advocates and experts in the industry fear the frequency of such breaches may give way to sentiments of harmony amidst the rampant nature of such invasions. According to the most recent U.S. Cost of a Data Breach report, data-breach costs continue to rise, with figures crossing $214 per .promised record and averaged $7.2 million per data breach event. Even with these figures showing a dangerous trend towards increasing data breach events, the general sentiment toward data protection agencies and product providers in the population have been gradually floating towards the negative as distrust and faith in the many data protection service and product providers have diminished. But this is not to say that people no longer give importance to their personal information and the protection they require in maintaining their privacy. With most of the data breaches .ing from malicious or criminal attacks, the year-to-date (2010) malicious attack figures stand at 31 percent of the data breaches, which is up from 24 percent in 2009 and 12 percent in 2008. This considerable jump in malicious attacks over the past two years is certainly indicative of the worsening threat environment. As a refresher, in organizations, malicious attacks .e from both outside and inside the organization, and range from data-stealing malware to social engineering. For individuals, the scenario is relatively the same, with malware causing most of the damage to personal information stored in local .puters. However, it"s not always the bad guys doing even more bad things that cause data breaches. Most often, your organizations" best employees or individuals making silly mistakes that be.e the root cause of the problem and the consequent damage. Negligence, therefore, is still the leading cause of data breaches. To implement information security systems and processes is the first step toward data breach protection in organizations as well as for individual users. A proper process or system and guidelines ensure the required safeguards are in place in the event of any data breach incident. As part of this system and process, data encryption applications like Folder Lock can further ensure positive implementation of a robust data protection tool where it matters. Folder Lock is a .plete data protection and online backup solution that provides revolutionary data protection mechanisms to protect your most important and confidential data and information by implementing super fast, government-level (FIPS 197) 256-bit encryption and triple-layer protection for your backed up files. Folder Lock features secure online, cloud-based data storage protection where your data is backed up at a remote, secure location to provide additional protection for Windows servers and workstations against data-theft, data-leak, and disaster. No additional hardware investment is required. Centralized Management Folder Lock"s easy-to-use, centralized management allows system administrators to establish user-based access on workstations and servers using a powerful, wizard-driven user interface. Folder Lock provides advance Encryption, Locking, and Online Backups which are seamlessly handled with Folder Lock so you can manage both local and online backups from a single, centralized client console for server based environments or for individual .puters. Flexible Deployment Folder Lock allows you to meet today"s data protection challenges and also ac.modates future needs "on-the-fly" without any costly upgrades. Multiple License-based usage options are also available. You may also subscribe for the online backup storage service and pay one flat rate only. Because Folder Lock integrates cloud-.puting for the online data hosting service, the application can be used to support any of the scenarios involving systems that may require both data encryption and online backup services, systems that may only require data protection locally, or systems that may only require the online digital storage service. Support for Virtualized Environments Folder Lock creates encrypted files called Lockers that store your data in an encrypted form. As long as your data is stored inside these Lockers, you can backup your data from anywhere, including data from all your Virtual Machines. All data backups support agent-less backup and recovery of virtual machines to the cloud. Government-grade Data Protection & Security High-level data protection is vital to businesses, and NewSoftwares takes privacy to the maximum level. Government-approved (FIPS 197) 256-bit and 128-bit AES Encryption is standard protocol with Folder Lock, whether for encryption, for online backups, or for online connections. ALL encryptions use advance algorithms and Folder Lock allows access to protected data ONLY with the encrypted Serial Keys created by you. Neither NewSoftwares nor anyone else will be able to access your data. With the state of the report signaling an ever growing trend towards data breaches, Folder Lock is one of the leading data protection and online backup solution players in the industry playing it"s promised part to provide users with total control over security options with over 20 privacy protection features including advance Locking, Encryption, Shredding, Stealth Mode, Hack Attempt Monitoring, Portability, as well as support for Plug & Play and History Cleaning capabilities. The ability to secure your data"s integrity with best practices in data security and encryption is your right to demand, Folder Lock 7 aims to advocate your rights to privacy and data protection by integrating sustainable technologies and boosting information security not just individuals, but also for entire .anizations. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: