The Lin Danshai family portrait upgrade when Dad wife Xie Xingfang gave birth to a son sorpack

The Lin Danshai family portrait upgrade when Dad wife Xie Xingfang gave birth to a son in November 5th Tencent sports news today the media was informed that the badminton player Lin Dan Mrs. Xie Xingfang, on the night of November 4th gave birth to a lovely boy, mother and child. It is reported that Xie Xingfang, 4, admitted to a maternity hospital in Beijing, the birth of the baby is very smooth process. Subsequently, the reporter contacted the Tencent Lin Dan, Lin Dan confirmed to reporters that the news, and back to 5 smiling faces, it seems that the mood has been upgraded Dan quite good. Soon, Lin Dan could not wait on micro-blog and fans to share the good news, Lin Dan posted a photo of a family of three photo, and with the text: "welcome you, Fangfang hard!" Around October, netizens exposed a photo of Xie Xingfang, photographs Xie Xingfang pregnant belly is very obvious, at this time Lin Dan interview, a reporter asked whether the family event and whether the recently announced, Lin Dan did not respond positively, but said: "thank you, hope everything goes well." Lin Dan and Xie Xingfang in December 13, 2010 in Guangzhou, Haizhuqu District Civil Affairs Bureau registered marriage, after the London Olympics in 2012, held a grand wedding at the Beijing University of Technology. Over the years, although Lin Dan was busy with the campaign, but also repeatedly said to be overdue to their own small baby. In 2016 of October, when "life rival" Li Zongwei learned that Lin Dan was about to be a dad, he said, "I didn’t see him coming out, I knew he was a good father!" Is the father of two to Lin Dan over the identity prediction, future life will be changed after the Rio Olympics don’t see Lin Dan out to participate in international competition, he must hope to accompany the baby is about to Xie Xingfang.相关的主题文章: