The Liuyang river is 60 thousand square meters Changsha ” oxygen ” garbage field Park dingxiangwuyuetian

The Liuyang river is 60 thousand square meters Changsha " oxygen " landfill change original title: Liuyang River Park is 60 thousand square meters "oxygen" Furong District of Liuyang river ecological landscape garden was built, the old landfill turned park is located in the Liuyang River Avenue Station Road to Lake Road on the south side of Liuyang Wang Road River Ecological Forest Landscape Garden across the road and Liuyang River scenic belt, the lush like ecological oxygen bar, attract people have come to enjoy comfortable home. Changsha evening news reporter Chen Fei photo in spring and summer to see the cherry blossoms, Bauhinia autumn Wen Dangui, walking among the more ginkgo, camphor road shed cool. Yesterday, with an area of 63 thousand square meters of the Furong District of Liuyang river ecological landscape garden project completion, future members of the public can not only in sur le tour scenery, more can feel the oxygen bar in the ecological birds’twitter and fragrance of flowers. This is a beautiful park, by illegal landfill space and turned to. Former dump turned leisure park, this is where the weeds, garbage everywhere?" Yesterday, Furong district court residential garden stroll in the Liuyang river ecological landscape Xiao Minqing couldn’t believe his eyes. The garden is located on the River Avenue North Station to Royal Lake Road section of Liuyang Road site on the south side, across the road with the beautiful Liuyang River Scenic belt. But once there is a scar on the landscape in the Loess vegetation as weeds, garbage everywhere, nearby residents even Jianfengchazhen private house scaffolding types of vegetables. The section of a railway bridge, the erection of the warehouse contiguous, dirty and messy environment and the surrounding landscape misfits. In order to create a more beautiful scenery Liuhe, comprehensive environmental governance on the road of Furong district, demolition of illegally built, garbage removal, and in the first half of the Liuyang river ecological landscape garden construction started this year. Furong District Bureau of parks director Zhu Weidong introduction, garden to ecological leisure as the theme, based on the original woodland increase green trees and landscape design, 63 thousand square metres of garden greening area of 54 thousand square meters. The Liuyang river is "urban jungle" is simply a fresh green oxygen bar." In the center of urban land, ecological landscape garden appeared to attract the public have to enjoy home comfortable viewing, walking, optional sports and leisure ways N. Yesterday, the reporter on the scene saw the park with the terrain into a sinuous ribbon, consisting of four small beads and landscape. In autumn, many kinds of trees to create a colorful three-dimensional landscape, Ginkgo biloba, Magnolia grandiflora and other tall trees planted under the red maple, red plum red and yellow warm small trees and shrubs color, with green meadow, showing the beauty of the garden well-proportioned. The park is also set many exquisite flower Gallery, wisteria, etc. to plant vines, flowering season pedestrians looked up to feel fragrant. In some special areas, green landscape is unique: near the sidewalk side of France Holly composed of dense green belt, the railway bridge near the wall of the planting hole barbed wire became oleander, rich multicolored decorations. How does it feel to exercise in the jungle? Landscape garden leisure fitness function fully, walk the road extends to the stone forest. Four small is provided with one to two small square, some oval shaped, some for the other half moon, not only don’t)相关的主题文章: