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National Day holiday the global stock market rose A shares after the   " " can opener; — Jiangsu windows — original title: National Day holiday, A shares of global stock markets rose after "good start" period during the National Day holiday, the global stock market overall rebound. In Europe, since October as of October 6th, the Dow Jones industrial average index has risen 3.12%; in addition, the FTSE 100 index rose 4.36% cumulative, while Germany’s DAX30 index has gradually out of the exhaust door "in the shadow of the trend, the cumulative increase of 2.51% during the period. Asia, since October as of yesterday, the Hang Seng Index rose 8.01% during the period, while the Nikkei stock index rose during the cumulative gain of up to 5.38% in. For the recent strong rebound in external market logic, analysts told the "Securities Daily" reporters, on the one hand is the world’s major economies in September, including China data recovery situation, stimulate the world stock market bottomed out; the other is the United States in September payrolls report disappointing ending the Fed’s recent interest in the possibility the world, at least in the year are expected to maintain liquidity easing. Specifically, data show that in October 1st, China’s official release of the China Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) in 2015 September 49.8%, still in the COORONG line, but it has already exceeded the expectations of all walks of life, and is the 2 consecutive months of decline for the first time after a slight rebound. While the trend of steady rise, showing the off-season influence attenuation, policies and measures to steady growth effects emerge, showing the economy slow in the stabilization of positive changes. In addition, the Bank of China released by the Bank of China in September consumer confidence index rose from 116.5 points in August to 118.2 points, which is the best data since the month of 2014 in May. The West Bank also said that through the data, the Chinese family has made a positive response to the recent policy. On the other hand, in October 2nd, the highly anticipated U.S. September payrolls report was finally released, but the data have been greatly disappointed. According to the report, in September the United States of new non-agricultural employment population was only 142 thousand people, far less than the previous agency expects the number of people, while in August the data were also revised down to 136 thousand people from the 173 thousand. As everyone knows, payrolls data is an important index about the Fed’s monetary policy, and released in the weaker than expected report, the major institutions have said that the Fed has very little possibility of recent increases, the New York based Goldman Sachs chief economist Jan Hatzius said the Fed is likely in 2016 or even later will raise interest rates. He believes that the output and employment changes in the market may force the fed to keep rates near zero levels over a longer period of time. MITSUBISHI UFJ Kokusai Asset Management Co chief investment officer Hideo Shimomura fund also said that the employment data greatly disappointed that federal reserve is very difficult to make the decision to raise interest rates, interest rates are difficult in the foreseeable future. In fact, after the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates)相关的主题文章: