The new vagabondize Qiu Xinzhi mouth outbreak is the time to make a break away (video)

"The new vagabondize" Qiu Xinzhi mouth outbreak is the time to make a break from TV series "new vagabondize" Zhu Yilong kissed Zhang Xinyu romantic Chai Biyun costume drama starring "new" has come to vagabondize near the end, although in the new story, all kinds of fancy dog abuse, high sugar, so many fans a great comfort, but the original powder will not forget that tragedy plum Hermitage thing, and this thing (Ma Kongqun Qiu Xinzhi), the initiator of evil has surfaced, then not much left in the plot are ups and downs, P. The horse Kongqun arena "conspiracy theory" in the story before, because Ma Kongqun fell off a cliff caused by brain trauma, the people become crazy. But at the moment the horse is still not Kongqun madness appearance, he deeply desert to find their own subordinates, subordinates command immediately called the most strong power of Kazuma church. The original horse Kongqun wily, he would have to own the most effective go getters hidden in the depths of the desert, and all of this is the beginning of the horse just Kongqun monopolized conspiracy. In my heart is the first horse owner dominate the political arena, but not immersed in love, marry his daughter Fu Hongxue, with Fu Hongxue to help themselves on the martial arts world dominance, this is all for myself to dominate the political arena do foreshadowing, only to master the right to control their own destiny, in fact, out of rivers and lakes, light force is not enough, or have iq. IQ, mouth escape out logic out of brainwashing, routine skill score. A word used to describe Ma Kongqun: spicy ginger or old. Our marketing organization leader Ma he is the aspect of life, the town of Granville Kanto, prominent, while two of Kazuma church hall. Cologne ordered one villain readers impressive. He is also the border town BOSS group the most powerful people brainwashed. In the new story, completely by Ma Kongqun (Qiu Xinzhi) mouth escape ability impressed, whether the plot was exposed by Fu Hongxue, or a knife in the neck, totally do not see a little panic expression. At this point we can see, the only one with no collapse of the role, is Malaysia Kongqun, generation of dignity, undemonstrativeness, deep, heavy pains. And he not only lied to the people, the most important is that the horse owner Daniel, move the logic of language ability is really high, let users watch is confused. More netizens comment "boss Ma Dun mouth dry strength, but the MLM" common people "see Ma Kongqun IQ dropped significantly." "I would like to ask the horse, the boss in the end is not really for the sake of his daughter, and this is a conspiracy" in the end is not really the plot, to find their own answers. Qiu Xinzhi’s new film "Dou E yuan" has been taken in Shandong odd hot recently, in the new version of "dou" odd injustice, Qiu Xinzhi turned formoe Qiu ", lead the audience to find out their grievances, but also punish Dou innocence, shameless, almost all the heart. The film is expected to be released next year.相关的主题文章: