The new version of hearthstone garkisen announced 15 new cards a dragon and a tiger in combat — Sin zuczug

The new version of hearthstone garkisen announced 15 new cards a dragon and a tiger in combat — Sina hearthstone legend area BlizzCon 2016, "" hearthstone legend developer Matt Place and Jomaro Kindred talked about the development process of a dragon and a tiger in combat garkisen! Garkisen this bustling port city ushered in a new era of trade, but the city thrived at the same time, unfortunately, also attracted some unruly and dismal public. Now, the crime syndicates control the streets, and each group has a leader in the dark. But why should we choose garkisen as the next hearthstone expansion pack home court, why choose such a crime theme? Garkisen is located in the Tanaris desert, was once a goblin by entrenched inland port town, there are many underground or illegal transactions, the people and visitors are not interested in the alliance and the horde. After the black dragon Deathwing destroyed Tana Lys’s landscape, people suddenly discovered garkisen is now on the verge of the open ocean, so the coastal city has become a big beneficiary! The new port has greatly stimulated the Gadgetzan trade, let people in the line of trade to earn pours. Each has something people want to share, they resorted to exhaust all the skills to take the lead. In the process of escalation of this power struggle, the emergence of an organized criminal group – now here is no longer a quiet town! The three major crime group win in the struggle for power, formed a situation of tripartite confrontation. Now’s your chance, make a bunch of new friends (with perhaps some of the new node, Leung) out of their name in the Gadgetzan in! Garkisen each gang "three corresponding occupation" in the hearthstone legend. We also changed the rules of the game, the introduction of 9 family card! Each family card can be used instead of three kinds of occupation, defined in a single original occupation, thus greatly expand the diversity of the deck, also highlighted the concept of criminal group. The leader of each group is also a legendary family card! The dirty hands party focuses on the arms trade, they organize chaos, hire hunters, warriors and paladins. They like to appear on the street, take over everything, and they will make sure that everything is in the hands of the party. The party leader dirty hands is a cruel ogre, called Tang Hangu, he proved a good two head to be more cruel than a head! The unique teaching priest, warlock and mage in potion making, to profit by selling their mysterious and powerful red mana stone. You can say the facts to seize the initiative, can also be your opponent to pieces, but you never know how unique medicine bottle filled with what. Pharmacy experts also teach, unique leader Caazacu J can even be busy for you to customize the pharmacy, help you a helping hand when you need it the most. Rogue, shaman or druid to help the assassination of lotus show most incisive skills. These hidden illusionist and assassin waiting for every wrong alley of the unfortunate.相关的主题文章: