The night from the 33 floor volley turned into the female neighbor Pharaoh was arrested in An 9c8947

The night from the 33 floor volley turned into the female neighbor   "Pharaoh" was arrested in Anhui channel, live on the 33 floor of a Tongling man, because of the curious whim, even late at night from the balcony turned into a woman next door neighbor, the awakened female neighbor was arrested. November 20, 2016 23 am, living in a district of Tongling, a small floor of the little girl who heard the sound of a small home in the sleep of the sound in the home of the 33. She was awakened from the dream, I found a shadow in the kitchen! She screamed in fright, saw the shadow hurriedly turned from the window, and jump out and climb to the next building balcony disappeared. This is the 33 floor, ah, from the ground is more than and 100 meters high, she could not believe their eyes, scared to the police. Metro police station immediately after the alarm rushed to the small house where the girl. It is understood that the little girl is renting a commercial district in Tongling Development Zone, a high-rise residential, precisely because living in the 33 floor, she dared to open the window to sleep. According to the information provided by her, the police went to visit the next door. Living in the little girl next door is the man Moumou, in the face of the police inquiry, he immediately admitted that it is their own. After the police investigation, Moumou, male, 40 years old, Anhui Tongling people, with what little girl neighbors never met. The man said, the evening can’t sleep, fitness in the balcony, was found next to the window open, he did not know why, just want to climb to the house next door to see, so regardless in meters altitude dangerous, unarmed volley turned into a small what the girl home. Just want to visit a little girl was found, he was scared to quickly climb back from the window. Currently, the young man Moumou illegal invasion of other people’s homes, has been Tongling City Public Security Bureau administrative detention. After the incident, what little girl is scared, find another other place, ready to move. (commissioning editor Liu Ying and Zhang Lei)相关的主题文章: