The Nokia 1208 Mobile Phone A Practical Masterpiece Of Simplicity-avbox

Mobile-Cell-Phone Of all the mobile phones available in the market, if you want something that is not merely cheap, but powerful, simple and a classic, then you must definitely check out Nokia 1208 mobile phone. On the surface, it is a simple phone with the classic look. But it has facilities and functions which characterize it as the finest classic from Nokia to this date. The Nokia 1208 features one-click shortcuts. You can use these for faster messaging or viewing Contacts or the Calendar or to switch on the flashlight. This creates a wonderful and fast calling and messaging experience. The Nokia 1208 mobile phone also possess a simple but colorful TFT display with 65K colors giving the themes and profiles a very impressive look. The ringtone feature is also appreciable as the Nokia 1208 has got polyphonic MP3 ringtone support. You can also download new ringtones via SMS and personalize them. But the most important feature, highlighted in every Nokia 1208 review would be the in-built tracking function. With this function, you can track your calls, their times and the expenses. For instance, the Cost Tracker tells you how much you have spent on your calls. The Pre-paid tracker keeps a track of your balance easily and the Time Tracker lets you time your and outgoing calls so that your expense gets monitored automatically. This is really important feature which can be highly advantageous. Unlike older models, the Nokia 1208 has a multiple phonebook feature as one of the Nokia 1208 specifications. Each phonebook supports up to 200 contacts, which gives a really high storage capacity for your contacts. There is a total of 4 MB internally shared memory supporting this feature. The Nokia 1208 has many other features like the Reminders, Countdown Timer, and Analog/Digital Clock etc. which are very helpful when it .es to routine daily usage. There are also 3 embedded games in the device to enjoy. The flashlight is a powerful utility. The loudspeaker facility lets you speak without having to hold the phone to your ear and the battery is a powerhouse giving up to 7 hours on talk-time. The phone weighs at just 77 grams perfectly suitable for easy carriage. The Nokia 1208 price has hovered around 26 which is a great price-tag for a great phone. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: