The patent examiner recruitment in Chinese examination can apply the next round of recruitment this

The patent examiner recruitment in Chinese examination can apply the next round of this year to recruit 2231 people in Optics Valley won the national patent examiner recruitment written test qualification, Wuhan and Beijing also set exam test. Yesterday, reporters from the State Intellectual Property Office patent examination collaboration Hubei center was informed that this year the center examination form unchanged, this time did not have time to sign up for the examination, this year can continue to sign up for the next round of recruitment. Patent examination cooperation center in Hubei responsible person, the recruitment of the number of 180 people, the number of applicants for the 4603 people, the number of applicants and the post admission ratio reached 26:1, the final 2231 people through the qualification examination, yesterday in Beijing, Wuhan also held the pen test. According to the introduction, due to the retrieval of patent professional literature and the communication of the project, the examination pays attention to the examinee’s English and legal ability, as well as the logical expression ability of the text. This year, the center recruitment written form as in previous years, requiring 3 hours to complete the translation of 4 English articles and a Chinese writing, followed by interviews, retest and other links. The duty of the patent examiner is to examine the patent application and grant the patent right according to the law. According to the actual demand, this year’s recruitment requirements are required to have master’s degree, science and engineering background, mainly related to electricity, communications, optoelectronics, materials and chemistry, medicine and other professional. Due to the higher requirements of auditors, large demand, this year the center will continue to open the registration channel, this time failed to sign up for the examination of graduates and social personage can continue to sign up, to participate in the next round of recruitment. Applicants can log in to the Hubei central home page and check the relevant information. The Hubei Cooperation Center for patent examination of the State Intellectual Property Office, located in Optics Valley in 2013, is one of the only 6 foreign patent cooperation agencies in china. It is expected that the size of the patent examiners will reach 2000 people, after several rounds of recruitment, now has entered the more than 1000 people, is a single unit for graduate students the largest recruitment. According to reports, at present, the center graduate education staff accounted for 94%, Hubei staff accounted for 60%. At the same time, the treatment is attractive, and the monthly salary of the patent examiners in Hubei center is more than 8000 yuan. (reporter Chen Cheng correspondent Lu Jie) attention to the big Chu network official WeChat (micro signal: dachuwang), give you interesting, useful information, and good manners send every day. Scan the next two dimensional code attention.

专利审查员招聘在汉开考 今年可报名下一轮招考全国2231人获得参加光谷专利审查员招聘笔试资格,武汉和北京同时设考场开考。昨日记者从国家知识产权局专利审查协作湖北中心获悉,今年该中心考试形式不变,此次没来得及报名参加考试的,今年可继续报名参加下一轮招考。国家知识产权局专利审查协作湖北中心负责人介绍,此次招聘人数为180人,全国报名人数为4603人,报名人数和职位录取比例达到26:1,最终2231人通过资格审核,昨日分别在北京、武汉同时举行笔试。据介绍,由于涉及专利专业文献的检索和项目的沟通工作,考试注重考生的英语和法律能力,以及文字逻辑表达能力。今年,该中心招聘笔试形式跟往年一样,要求在3小时内完成4篇英语文章的翻译和一篇中文写作,后续还有面试、复试等环节。专利审查员的工作职责是审查专利申请,对符合条件的申请依法授予专利权。根据实际需求,今年招聘职位均要求具有硕士研究生学历、理工科专业背景,主要涉及电学、通信、光电、材料和化学、医药等专业。由于对审查员的要求较高、需求大,今年该中心还将继续开放报名通道,此次没能及时报名参加考试的应届毕业生和社会人士还可继续报名,参加下一轮招考。报考人员可登录湖北中心主页(),查看相关信息。国家知识产权局专利审查协作湖北中心2013年落户光谷,是我国仅有的6个京外专利审查协作机构之一。预计总体招聘专利审查员规模将达到2000人,经过此前几轮招考,目前已入职1000多人,是单个单位针对研究生的最大规模招聘。 据透露,目前该中心研究生以上学历人员占94%,湖北籍工作人员占60%。同时提供的待遇具有吸引力,湖北中心专利审查员月薪达8000元以上。(记者陈诚 通讯员鲁洁)关注大楚网官方微信(微信号:dachuwang),给你有趣、有用的资讯,还有好礼天天送。扫描下方二维码关注吧。相关的主题文章: