The police destroyed a stolen three gang cracked the case 130 tomb tomb kaya scodelario

The police destroyed a stolen tomb Tomb of Three Gorges Gang cracked the case 130 (Paul Liu Liu Xianglin) 3 reporters from Chongqing Zhongxian Public Security Bureau, the Bureau recently destroyed a special excavation of ancient tombs in Three Gorges Gang, arresting 11 suspects, cracked 130 cases from the excavation of ancient tombs. To recover the three national cultural relics of Han Dynasty bronze mirror 1, bronze belt buckle, national ordinary cultural relics of Han pottery 1 incomplete. Police said that at the beginning of November 2015, an anonymous man to the Zhongxian Public Security Bureau police station to reflect white, a group of people at night by boat, to the 7 set of "White Street Yinshan village Liu Daliang" (small names) area, along the Yangtze River underground mining "treasure". After receiving clues, the police immediately launched investigation. Police found in the Liu Liang area, located in the Three Gorges Reservoir area of an ancient tomb was stolen dug, the scene was stolen traces of cultural relics. Police through the scene investigation, investigation visits and other investigation, did not find any valuable clues, the case was detected deadlock. March 2016, the Zhongxian Public Security Bureau intelligence brigade police in the investigation of the police to provide scattered clues, the success of an important suspect Lee lock related information. The police immediately to Lee’s carry out key analysis. In June this year, the panel get clues, tomb gang members Lee and others will once again to Zhongxian some ancient tombs excavation implementation of crime. Task force decided to take the initiative to attack. The evening of June 13th, Lee and other 4 people in Zhongxian, another implementation of tomb excavation, were waiting in the vicinity of the police arrested. Lee explained that since 2015, he mustered more than and 10 suspects in Chongqing, Zhongxian, Yunyang, Fengjie, Wushan Three Gorges ancient tombs wantonly robbing crime. After obtaining the relevant information of the other members of the gang, the police in Chongqing, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Xinjiang and other places to capture the remaining 7 members of the gang. At present, Lee and other 11 suspects have been transferred to the procuratorate for examination and prosecution, the case is still being investigated.相关的主题文章: