The Reason Parents Have For Teaching Kids

Arts-and-Entertainment In this article, we will cover the motivation behind many parents enrolling their children in music classes. I suggest that, before you do this, you define exactly what you want by teaching kids music. Young children adore their parents and they will normally go along with your ideas, especially if they know it will make you happy. Up to a certain age your child considers you an authority on just about every subject on earth. If we are lucky we will be able to maintain that authority into their teen years. While reviewing my old records I noticed an interesting fact. Whether or not the parent knew the importance of teaching kids music was irrelevant. I was focused on the attitude of the parent. The first meeting is significant because this is when the parent and student meet the instructor for the first time. Everything goes well normally at the introductory meeting. But according to available statistics, only 1% of parents at the start of teaching kids music think their child will develop into a musician. The other 99% have a "Let’s do this and then see what happens" attitude. Whatever your field, you need to be passionate about it to make an impact. Children are no different. All parents know that if their child is interested in something the will persistently ask for it over and over. Parents just need to be aware of their children’s interests. You may be thinking, "Is it really necessary for my child to study with constant interest and pure pleasure all the time?" None of us are 100% motivated 100% of the time even with our passions in life. If you insist on teaching kids music by force, they will lose interest in it every time. Nobody likes to ever be forced to do anything. This is a very .mon situation and I have heard this exact phrase very often from more parents than I care to count. This is the parent talking to their child "I don’t want to go to work but I do, you need to practice more". It sounds like a work ethic, and many of our parents said that to us. Believe me when I say you are wasting your time and breath, saying this to your child. As adults, we work to survive. Normally teaching kids music will not keep them alive. It will impact their future most definitely but the physical act of teaching kids music is not a life and death choice. This may sound counterproductive .ing from a highly recognized and ac.plished music instructor, but it amazes me how many parents just don’t get it and insist on teaching kids music. Don’t get me wrong because there is a time and place to focus on teaching kids music by force. By all means, do not make a habit out of it. Children do best when they are happy. Find the proper teacher with different skills in teaching kids music on a distinctly individual basis. A happy motivated child is a happy motivated music student. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: