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The Republic of Shanghai: a police officer a liar cheated the savings – Anhui Channel – original title: the Republic of Shanghai: a police officer a liar cheated the savings Wang Guozhen of Hubei, early to Shanghai, has been a "service inspector" in Shanghai Police Department, is a veteran of the police. Perhaps the moment can not afford to buy housing, only with his wife, Ms. Feng in Zhabei Tianbao in today — a Rehe Road, to the middleman landlord rented a house to live. This day, suddenly a middle-aged man found in smart clothes, Ms. Feng, cheeky panic like, said: "this morning, Mr. Wang. Because the revolutionary party has been director of the incident, Xu detained for a while, and will soon be transferred to jag trial disposal. He quietly told me this message to you, let you get into the city, there is a thing to charge." At the beginning, since Sun Zhongshan, Huang Xing and other leaders of the "two revolution" failed, headed by Yuan Shikai as the Beiyang government as the revolutionary party wanted nationwide. With such a background, Ms. Feng where there is the slightest suspicion, suddenly is nose and tears, almost without thinking, you miserable, hurriedly follow people go. Who knows just Ms. Feng sent the tram, middle-aged Huanghuangzhangzhang to return the day, once again came to the king Guozhen apartment before the middleman landlord said: "Mr. Wang’s room has a big suitcase, inside two pistols, he ordered me to avoid being found elsewhere. After becoming the evidence." To sublet the house before the students have heard the middleman landlord Wang inspectors "case", and saw that he just accompany Mrs. Wang to leave, where there is the slightest doubt — say, if in their own rental housing found their guns, inevitably will be involved, therefore, shunshundangdang to let people find the box and watched him deliberately hired car, loading and go. Soon, when Wang Guozhen found deceived, with his wife rushed back, crooks had to leave, then have a series of remedial measures, such as alarm, filing, search and so on, have been — the crooks have already gone like the Yellow stork It doesn’t help the situation. The poor King inspectors are half a lifetime savings in the big box, it is said that the total value of about a thousand pieces of silver. — before today, the dozens of millions of yuan! It is not surprising that a lot of Shanghai liar,; however, this liar even targeting special police officers and apprehend the liar, so easily succeeded, and successfully escape, can not become a big news in the early Republic of China on Shanghai! (commissioning editor Ma Lingling and Guan Fei)

民国上海滩奇闻:一骗子骗走警官半生积蓄–安徽频道–人民网 原标题:民国上海滩奇闻:一骗子骗走警官半生积蓄   王国桢是湖北人,早年来到上海,一向在淞沪警察厅担任“勤务督察员”,是个老资格的警察了。大概是一时买不起住房吧,只能与妻子冯女士在闸北天保里――今天的热河路上,向一个二房东租了房子居住。   这一天,忽然有个衣冠楚楚的中年人,找到冯女士,面露惊慌之状,说:“今天上午,王先生因为私通革命党案发,已经被徐厅长拘禁了好一阵了,而且即将被押解到军法署审讯处置。他悄悄地叫我捎信给你,让你赶快进城,有紧要事情当面嘱咐。”   时值民国之初,自从孙中山、黄兴等领导的“二次革命”失败,以袁世凯为首的北洋政府就像清廷一样在全国范围内通缉革命党人。有了这样一个历史背景,冯女士哪里还有半点疑心,顿时又是鼻涕又是眼泪,几乎想也没想,就悲悲戚戚、匆匆忙忙地跟着来人走了。   谁知刚刚将冯女士送上电车,那中年人又慌慌张张地返回了天保里,再次来到王国桢的寓所前,对二房东说:“王先生的房间里有大皮箱一只,内藏手枪两支,他命令我转移到别处,以免被搜出后成为罪证。”以转租房屋为生的二房东之前已听清了王督察员的“案由”,又亲眼看到此人刚刚陪着王太太离去,哪里还有半点怀疑――再说,倘若在自己出租的房屋中搜出了枪支,自己也难免要受点牵连,因此,顺顺当当地让来人找到了箱子,眼睁睁地看着他从从容容地雇了车,装载而去。   很快,当王国桢发觉上当受骗、带着妻子火速赶回来时,骗子早已离去,接着虽有一系列的补救措施,如报警、立案、缉查等,均已于事无补――骗子早已杳如黄鹤了。可怜王督察员的半生积蓄都在那只大箱子里,据说总计价值约有上千块银元呢――摆在今天,该有数十上百万元了!   十里洋场骗子多多,本来是不足为怪的;然而,这个骗子竟然把目标瞄准专门缉拿骗子的警官,并且如此轻易得手,又顺利地逃脱,怎能不成为民国初年上海滩上的一大奇闻呢! (责编:马玲玲、关飞)相关的主题文章: