The school gate installed electronic police capture illegally parked Shanghai East Experimental Scho ca1871

The school gate installed electronic police capture illegally parked Shanghai East Experimental School of governance congestion during the school, the school gate traffic congestion of the old ills in the end how to treat? Pudong police launched the merit is: let the electronic police posts, urging parents not parking. Recently, Shanghai City East Experimental School in electronic police, pick up time if there is a vehicle in the road parking area to allow non pine parking more than 2 minutes, the electronic police capture by. This effect is obvious to manage the campus entrance congestion. According to the Pudong police, the future of the model will be in the region to promote the conditions of the school, the real combination of punishment and punishment, civilized shuttle. There are more than 2800 students at the school gate electronic police guard Shanghai East Experimental School, morning and evening peak, about half of parents choose to drive, especially for low grade students, the ratio of more than 60%. Violation of the surrounding school is very common, seriously affecting the normal road traffic. Yesterday, the east school principal Wang Weihang explained: because our school covers 1 grade to grade 9 education, the number of students more, a long time, the contradiction will highlight. The main reason is that the parents found driving a vehicle parked, still can not stop the illegal parking position in the congestion, a get out of hand." Shanghai experimental school congestion caused by the traffic police department’s attention, last year, the traffic police department plans to report the installation of electronic police, in October this year, the electronic police project was finally implemented. Pudong police installed a set of electronic police capture illegal parking in front of the school, pick up time if there is a vehicle in Pine Road area near the center of the isolation belt for more than 2 minutes, the electronic police capture by the police, supplemented by manual review, further improve the surrounding traffic flow. So, whether the parents will be sent to send the wrong answer?. According to reports, the police opened a parking area near the school. According to the traffic police work day shuttle peak, designated 7 in the morning to 8:30, Monday to Thursday afternoon at 3:30 to 5 points, 2 points to 4 points in the parking time Friday afternoon, two-way four lane road will pine in all directions respectively to open up a lane, specially for parking shuttle vehicles, single row parking more than 60 vehicles. In other words, in the special transfer of the child’s driveway parking is normal, only in the middle of the non stop parking is considered illegal parking, so that parents do not affect the normal shuttle. Pudong, a traffic police official said: in the corresponding period of traffic on both sides of the road can be parked in a single lane, if the two lane to stay inside or exceed the time limit set by the traffic police is illegal parking. If there is illegal, PTA will record the vehicle license plate, to find out whether the parents of the students for the school will inform the relevant vehicle." For a month it was clear yesterday the reporter saw in the Black Pine Road, East Shanghai experimental school gate to install a row of electronic camera. During the afternoon after school, there are a lot of parents drove to the school gate after school children, parents have formed a habit of taking the initiative to stop the car parked on the driveway, orderly arrangement. According to reports, where the electronic police posts for more than a month, the school gate congestion situation has improved significantly, the parents know there is regulation, will not stay long at the school gate. slightly相关的主题文章: