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The second is difficult to do, easy to why frequently black? According to the China technology – Sohu IT Research Center (CNIT-Research) released the "2016 Q1 Chinese Car Market Research Report" shows that the first quarter of 2016 to 85.3% pieces of car orders of market share of the first industry, Uber Chinese accounted for 7.8%, while the car is easy to car and China are respectively 3.3% and 2.9% ranked three or four. As with the drops and Uber, it is easy to car market has been firmly secured the second position, but this position does not seem to be so good to sit. Just recently, easy to have the negative news frequently, resulting in easy to have official to respond, made from the message data and the citation is easy to Its loopholes appeared one after another., suspected of being malicious smear. For this event, easy to say it is not the first time two times, but the other seems to be prepared, because easy to just a critical period of financing. Blocking means bad, easy to view a laughingstock of the industry is in a critical period of financing, questioned the message the day of easy to order, cash flow and other key data, the implied meaning was blocking. Its purpose is nothing more than a blow to the valuation of easy to prevent the completion of financing. The unexpected is the means to discredit the poor, becomes the laughingstock of the industry Its loopholes appeared one after another.. A trick: posing as sources. "A person close to the top of the easy sources said today, due to the easy filling back activity weakness, users car will reduce, plus easy to decline driver subsidies makes easy to order has a peak period of decline 50%. The inability to return to the activities also makes it easy to get less and less cash flow, its funds have been faced with the risk of fracture." And do not say how easy to top can get so important data, but that charge back, according to easy to respond, easy to from the third quarter after the subsidies are not reduced, charging back only large ecological efforts is not small, the cost is always 100% or 150% to user feedback. Easy to even said that there have been competitors from a variety of channels to inquire to the internal data, being easy to employees sternly refused, do not rule out the opponent is not out of data, had fabricated data confuse the public. Trick two: create file management. Recently an easy to operate documents show that in May of this year were easy to show a net loss of 37 yuan, if according to the June claims that the average daily orders up to 1 million single "easy to calculate, in the second quarter of this year the average daily maximum losses could reach 37 million yuan." In this regard, easy to respond: pure rumors. First of all, there is no easy internal business documents, how to talk about outflow? Suspected forgery intended to discredit competitors. Secondly, the message quoted in the documents flawed, that from the beginning of the third quarter to reduce subsidies, the end of the original "100% cash charge back, and posing as sources of false statements such as the first noir. Nick, malicious smear phenomenon industry precedents and Baidu O2O recently new business merger rumors, some analysts said, this is the new big upset, in the face of the concept of Tencent相关的主题文章: