The Star Trek to create 3 special space version techykinin (video) stand by me shinee

The "Star Trek" to create "3 special" space version of tachykinin "3" Star Trek "special alien female soldiers unarmed combat director of Tencent entertainment news 2016 the world’s largest production science fiction film" Star Trek 3: beyond the stars "will be released in the mainland in September 2nd Chinese shock. Today, the film side released the Special Edition Director Lin Yibin, the exposure of the mysterious ship and the enemy in space in front of fighting shocking scenes, such as long as towards the enemy ahead, leading to the enterprise, engine burst, enormous explosions in space. In addition, Kirk, Jie pull and villain melee action scenes are abnormal stimulation. Director Lin Yibin also said in the episode: "very excited to be able to shoot" Star Trek 3: beyond the stars ", this series is a part of my growth." The visual shock fight Lin Yibin to create a "space version upgrade speed passion" as the 2016 largest global production of science fiction, the exposure of the special edition also shows the visual effect of the scene and the intense action scenes in the film spectacular. With the enemy arranged in a long queue, crashing’enterprise engine, hit the engine explosion, debris scattered, flames; captain Kirk and the villain in the damaged’enterprise Crowe staged unarmed melee, two people playing together; and the new role with villain Jie pull fierce struggle, to the kind of meat, a "alien warrior" clear posture. As Lin Yibin had said, "Star Trek 3: beyond the stars" have the largest series of action, perception of tremendous stimulus. In the special edition, old bones Carle · Keith also said: "praise of the director director Lin Yibin for every scene in the movie is full of power." A strong visual impact and shocking explosion and shortness of music, let "Star Trek 3: beyond the stars" can be called a "space version of speed passion". Female soldiers unarmed combat fierce enemy alien Lin Yibin offered the most exciting action drama series in the special edition, the aliens and alien Jie pull on ferocious alien melee, Jie pull leg cast strong effort, will fight the enemy back again and again, such a wonderful action also reflects the action director Lin Yibin to a degree of tightness of the the control force. As J· J· Abrams said: "Lin Yibin has succeeded in proving to everyone that he is not only a highly contagious storyteller, but also a very good action director." Lin Yibin said: "the" Star Trek "is an important part of my growth. In every scene of the film, I remember J· J· Abrams said, "do it bravely, let him be yours."." In the "Star Trek" huge world view, Lin Yibin let the enterprise out of the comfort zone, really began to explore, take the audience into a hitherto unknown field. "Star Trek 3: beyond the stars" by the United States and the United States company Paramount Pictures sky dance studios, and Ali pictures, Hua Hua Media Co produced. The success of "speed and passion" series directed by director Lin Yibin, J· J· Abrams served as executive producer,.相关的主题文章: