The stock market rose + $fight, the price of more than $10 in short-term

The stock market rose + $"fight", short-term gold price of more than $10 in net February 22nd diving Huitong News – Monday (February 22nd) European time spot gold extended losses, was refreshed two low to $1205.34 an ounce, the Asian stock market makes hedging significantly lower, and the dollar index once again rose to 97 mark at the top of the gold price pressure obviously. (spot gold 10 minute map) MKS traders Sam Laughlin said that the gold ETF holdings continue to support the price of gold, but these support prices are reduced by TOCOM and China’s sell-off all offset. Laughlin pointed out that the Chinese area is Monday selling factors lower gold price. China’s stock market rose, leaving some of the money out of the gold market and into the stock market. China stock market on Monday closed up 2.3% to nearly a month high, coal, steel and nonferrous metals and other commodities in the real estate sector led, the top plate also increases. Analysts pointed out that on the weekend, Liu Shiyu replaced Xiao Gang as chairman of the Securities Regulatory Commission, and the real estate tax incentives to stimulate the new deal, both to boost the market sentiment. The Japanese stock market and the Hongkong stock market recorded a nearly 1% increase. Since last week, the end of the Lunar New Year holiday, the market has been dominated by Chinese selling, that Chinese market is expected to price will not rise sharply, with China after new year’s demand will gradually weaken, can not expect Chinese factors to support the market. In addition, the dollar index rebounded again due to the fall of the pound and the euro, once the intraday high to 97.04 near, the dollar denominated gold was suppressed; the pound against the U.S. dollar once refreshed three week low to 1.4176. Other precious metals, spot silver once refreshed two weeks low to 14.91 U.S. dollars ounce; spot platinum refresh nearly two weeks low to 920.33 U.S. dollars ounce. 16:24 Beijing time, spot gold traded at $1206.83 an ounce. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

股市上涨+美元“杀回马枪”,金价短线跳水逾10美元   汇通网2月22日讯――周一(2月22日)欧洲时段现货黄金扩大跌幅,一度刷新两日低点至1205.34美元 盎司,亚洲股市的回暖使得避险明显降温,另外美元指数再次涨至97关口上方也对金价打压明显。   (现货黄金10分钟图)   MKS交易员Sam Laughlin表示,黄金ETF的增持还在继续支撑着金价,不过这些支撑金价被TOCOM减持以及中国的抛售所有些抵消。   Laughlin指出,周一中国地区的卖盘是金价走低的因素。   中国股市的大涨使得部分资金撤出黄金市场,流向股市。   中国股市沪综指周一收升2.3%至近一个月新高,煤炭、钢铁及有色等其他大宗商品板块领涨,此外房地产板块亦升幅居前。分析师指出,周末刘士余接替肖钢任证监会主席,以及房地产减税刺激新政,均对市场人气有所提振。日本股市和香港股市均录得近1%的涨幅。   自上周一结束农历新年假期之后,中国市场一直由卖盘主导,表明中国市场预期价格不会大幅上涨,随着中国新年后需求将逐渐减弱,不能指望中国因素支撑市场。   此外,美元指数因英镑和欧元的下跌再次回升,一度刷新日内高点至97.04附近,以美元计价的黄金遭到打压;英镑兑美元一度刷新三周低点至1.4176。   其他贵金属方面,现货白银一度刷新两周低点至14.91美元 盎司;现货铂金刷新近两周低点至920.33美元 盎司。   北京时间16:24,现货黄金现报1206.83美元 盎司。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: