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The van chase motorcycle hit passers-by caused 1 dead 4 injured police apprehend suspects – the Sohu news October 27th, a "Crazy Chase motorcycle van and hit passers-by caused many casualties" video triggered concern. Surging news confirmed () from Guangdong Province, Lianjiang City Public Security Bureau, killed 3 people on the motorcycle, 1 passers-by were injured, the other 1 people died, the police to arrest the suspect on the van. Video display, 6:40 on October 26th, Guangdong Zhanjiang Lianjiang Road, a white van in front of a motorcycle chase (with 3 people), the van window stretched out two long knives; the motorcycle trying to escape the van chase, rammed into the sidewalk van rollover; hit the left direction and then hit the fly in front of two people. Lianjiang local users posting said the accident caused many casualties. Why the pursuit of motorcycles for the van, friends said the Department of two car personnel conflict occurred previously. However, this statement has not been confirmed by the police. Lianjiang City Public Security Bureau 27, through the official micro signal Bulletin: October 26th, the Lianjiang Municipal Public Security Bureau received a report of 110 traffic accident occurred in Lianjiang Road, causing 1 deaths, 4 people were injured. On October 26th at 6:46 in the morning bell, driving a motorcycle ride, Luo xiaomou after Lianjiang Avenue in a van chase, but was forced down in the van to Zhongmou 3 people injured, then the van knocked down were riding a tricycle and successive bicycle Xu, Wu Xu, resulting in death Wu, injured, then the van fled the scene. After the incident, the Bureau immediately from the criminal investigation, traffic police and police dispatched elite police task force composed of the investigation work, the suspects are fully arrest. Lianjiang Municipal Public Security Bureau staff told the surging news 27, the suspect is still in the arrest. Why is the van driver chasing a motorcycle? "The two sides have a conflict," the statement is true? The staff said the specific motive is under investigation, there will be timely progress of the police informed.相关的主题文章: