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The woman seat anti slapped ask: just because you are pregnant? Yangzi Evening News Network November 8th November 6th, Nanjing citizens Miss Yu call 110, said one woman in the seat to Nanjing metro line two trains, but the two sides altercation, Miss Yu even by the other fan two a slap in the face, just because you say you are pregnant, you still sit down." Metro police rushed to the scene, the two sides of the mediation. More than 5 points in November 6th evening, Miss Yu and friends take metro line two from Xinjiekou to the train station Xianlin, more crowded inside, there is a woman with a child standing on the seat beside Miss Yu in the crowd. An old man stood up to give Niangliang seat, the woman was refused: "OK, I do not sit, you are old, so many young girl didn’t give me." Miss Yu sitting next to, suddenly feel the heart is not the taste, said: Metro so crowded, with the children out of the fun should not join, why not take a taxi ah." The other to see Miss Yu Jiecha, also will say you say me not resigned to playing second fiddle, dispute. At this time, Miss Yu’s cell phone received a message, is sitting next to a friend to her: "this woman’s stomach is very large, is not pregnant?" I miss a look, and they bicker woman is a little fat, waist round, really pregnant. She didn’t think, stand up and say: "well, don’t quarrel with you, you are pregnant, sit down and have a rest." Unexpectedly, this sentence: "who let them fly into a rage pregnant? You’re pregnant! Small age, too much respect for the people!" Miss Yu think that even if you are not pregnant, are not so angry, and his friends and the other answer back sarcastically figure. Before the altercation immediately upgraded to the war of words. The two sides started pushing the chaos, Miss Yu was the other fan two a slap in the face, so the police for help. Three people from Xiaolingwei station always quarrel to the sheep Mountain Park Station, after police alarm to inform the two immediately stop the noise in the car and get off the bus nearby. The understanding of conflict and Miss Yu woman surnamed Wang, Ms. Wang said his age is not large, but the family was earlier, a bit out of shape, Miss Yu said he heard "pregnant", think the other is intentional sarcasm, so that the occurrence of such a farce. Police understand the whole story dumbfounding, we cool down after mediation, Ms. Wang to regret and apologize to Miss Yu for his previous behavior, the two sides reached a settlement.相关的主题文章: