Too wild it sold 1 million 840 thousand digital audio – Sohu-midd-885

Too wild: the Sohu sold 1 million 840 thousand digital audio fancier for those tens of hundreds of millions of dollars in sound shouldn’t feel too amazing, but a Imperia, domineering appearance can still make people tiger body shock. Imperia, designed by Oswalds Mill Audio, is known as "the ultimate audio from OMA"". And without the sound quality, it’s really the ultimate. Imperia has a set of four channel horn system, each side of two, are arranged vertically. OMA says they’re the only one to use this straight edge cone speaker, because this design doesn’t make the sound waves malformed". The frequency response range of the four horns is from 100Hz to 20kHz. The system also has two rear Subwoofer, with the frequency range from 20Hz to 100Hz in charge of the low frequency. Since it is the flagship audio work, certainly not bad, it is optional materials of walnut, cherry wood or ash, frame horn made from Aluminum Alloy. So, how much is Imperia? 280000 US dollars, about 1 million 840 thousand yuan.

太野性了:这音响卖184万-搜狐数码  发烧友对那些动辄几十上百万元的音响照理说不该感到太惊艳了,然而Imperia一出,霸气的外形仍能让人虎躯一震。   Imperia由Oswalds Mill Audio设计,被誉为是“来自OMA的终极音响”。且不说音质如何,这造型确实是够终极的。   Imperia拥有一套四路喇叭系统,每边两个,都是纵置排列。   OMA表示,他们是唯一一个使用这种直边圆锥式喇叭的厂商,因为这样的设计“不会令声波产生畸形”。   四个喇叭的频响范围是100Hz到20kHz。系统另外还有两个后置的低音炮,以20Hz到100Hz的频响范围掌管低频。   既然是旗舰级音响,做工肯定不能差,它材料可选胡桃木、樱桃木或白蜡木,支撑喇叭的框架由铝合金所制。   那么,Imperia多少钱?280000美元,约合人民币184万元。相关的主题文章: