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U.S. media group Trump victory is a "nightmare" said the people jumped into the abyss of the original title: Trump was elected president of the United States media group is a "nightmare" says the American people have jumped into the abyss] [global network reporter Li Deyi reported Beijing time on November 9th, Trump won the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Although Trump’s election in a year ago was as a joke, but this election map was "surprise" like many "red" gone with the wind, Trump is earlier than Hilary received 270 electoral votes. Not surprisingly, the results of the election is becoming more and more uncertain, Hilary supporters have been crying, then, the United States and even more demonstrations to protest against the election of Trump. In most U.S. media also reported the election results when the United States, "Huffington post" on the web page to the first screen "nightmare" title: President Trump, to comment on the "unimaginable" election results. "Huffington post" said, has been unable to describe the local time on the evening of 8 this unfathomable language of the scene. American people have plunged into the abyss, the United States will usher in significant changes. Trump is not a Republican in the traditional sense, but more like a native. Trump will be on the United States Democratic liberal democratic rights legislation, or is the biggest test since the civil war. This election is the biggest difference in the history of the United States, it is difficult to imagine how Trump will be reversing". Not only the American Democrats are stunned, the global stock index is expected to continue to show a downward trend in the next few years, and even some U.S. Republicans also refused to accept Trump elected president of the United states. How Trump won the election will be endlessly debated, the article said. The United States has long been the foundation of the political system will be ridiculed by the public. The power of the American political party is incredibly weakened in this election. In addition, the U.S. media in the general election campaign also shows ills, its credibility is almost exhausted. The American public has no sense of the media. "Huffington post" wrote, to explore the trends of American Trump after the election, as in the night throwing darts. The United States has changed and the world will change. This is what the abyss, let the public see. Editor: Liu Debin SN222相关的主题文章: