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QQ leads to strange dozen involving MLM 90 students police rescue Xi’an network (reporter Zhang Hao Chak in University of architecture and technology editor) Huaqing college senior Zhang Xi’an guy, a few days ago was suddenly a strange woman with QQ, the other does not stop about him, but careful found Zhang it is not so simple. "Then I saw a girl with my QQ, and then agree on the point just a few chat chat when she asked me out what a start." In November 6th, Zhang as usual in the study, QQ suddenly jumped out to a request for information. A strange beauty constantly asking him out on a date, more so little Zhang Yue felt so that there is no problem, "she promised the solicitation, and scare each claiming to the police, but said, the other party has made a surprise for zhang. Zhang told reporters: "the man on the QQ I had to alarm with the police to come back to the best, I made a lot of positioning, don’t stop begging me to let me in the past, if you spoof is malicious Funny to me, you can’t let me take the police to what, then you feel there is something wrong. Zhang hastened to careful inquiry, this did not know each other is not a girl, but a Sichuan boy in Meixian was controlled in a nearby village. But he said he only had a position about the presence of someone, he can’t use a mobile phone, very afraid of him now in a MLM organization, hoping to save him out. After they stopped talking to each other because the situation is not good, Zhang anxious. By positioning sent to the other side, Zhang learned each other’s position, roughly in the eastern suburbs of Xi’an horse vacated village, then went to the Public Security Bureau Zhang Chanba Ecological District Yanminghu policing the police. After confirmation, the police dispatched to the horse vacated villages save, but because the horse village houses vacated more complex terrain, the police is difficult to lock the specific location of trapped persons, then trapped in a film to the guy to provide a great help to the police. Through this picture, the police soon found, it is situated on the five floor of the houses is MLM dens, police told reporters, when in the small room in more than 10 living individuals. The control of twelve men and women, among which is the QQ chat and Zhang Sichuan guy. Speaking of reasons in MLM organization, the Sichuan guy told reporters that he is a friend in the understanding of the Internet, that is to find a job, until you came to this place, just know cheated. Because he has not cooperate with MLM organization, marketing personnel will also own, to face their own water, then cursed himself and took away his personal belongings. Then the police conducted a clean-up of the houses, dismissed the suspected pyramid scheme, and the Sichuan guy and another companion on the train home. The police are here to remind you, is looking for a job using the marketing staff of love fall in love means to cheat others, encountered such a situation do not readily believe. If once deceived MLM dens, to ensure their own safety, trying to get in touch with the police.

陌生QQ引出十几名涉传销人员 90后学生报警解救   西安网讯(记者 张灏 编辑 天泽)在建筑科技大学华清学院上大四的西安小伙小张,几天前突然被一个陌生的“女人”加了QQ,对方还不停的约他见面,可是细心的小张发现事情没那么简单。   “然后我一看是个女孩加我QQ,然后就点了同意就随便聊了几句,聊的时候她一开始想约我出去什么的。”11月6号,小张像往常一样在自习,突然QQ跳出来一个请求信息。一个陌生美女不断要求他出来约会,越是这样小张越感觉有问题,于是就没有答应“她”的邀约,并吓唬对方声称自己要报警,可是这么一说,对方却提了一个让小张诧异的要求。   小张对记者说:“QQ上的那个人竟然要我报警最好带着警察过来,还给我发了很多定位,不停的求我让我过去,你要是恶意搞笑就是恶搞我的话,你不可能让我带着警察去什么的,然后就感觉也是有点不对。   小张赶紧仔细询问,这才知道对方根本不是个女孩,而是一个四川梅县的男孩,被人控制在了附近一个村子。但是他说他只能定位一个大概,有人在场他不能用手机,他现在身处一个搞传销组织中,非常害怕,希望能把他解救出去。之后对方就不再说话,由于对方处境不妙,小张心急如焚。   通过对方发来的定位,小张了解到对方所处的位置,大致在西安市东郊的马腾空村,于是小张前往公安浐灞生态区分局雁鸣湖警务室报警。经过确认后,民警出动前往马腾空村救人,可是由于马腾空村民宅较多,地形复杂,警方很难锁定被困人员的具体位置,这时被困小伙发来的一张片子给民警提供了很大的帮助。   通过这张图片民警很快找到了,这间位于五楼的民房就是传销窝点,民警告诉记者,进去的时候小小房间内就住了十多个人。 现场控制了十二名男女,其中就有和小张聊QQ的四川小伙。   说起深陷传销组织的原因,这位四川小伙对记者说,自己是在网上认识的一个朋友,说是来找工作,直到自己来到这地方来,才知道被骗的。由于自己一直不配合传销组织的工作,传销人员就打自己,还往自己脸上泼水,然后诅咒自己,并收走了自己个人财物。   随后民警对这件民房进行了清理,遣散了涉嫌传销的人员,并将那名四川小伙和另一名同伴送上了回家的火车。民警也在这里提醒大家,传销人员比较喜欢使用找工作和谈恋爱的手段欺骗他人入伙,遇到这样的情况千万不要轻易相信。如果一旦被骗传销窝点,一定要在保证自身安全的情况下,想办法与警方取得联系。相关的主题文章: