University of Michigan consumer confidence index fell to 90.7 in February-ca1810

The United States in February University of Michigan consumer confidence index fell to 90.7 U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants stocks news Beijing time on the evening of 13 Bloomberg said the February U.S. consumer confidence fell to a four month low, the stock market fell and the global economy weakened the influence to the American public opinion on the economy. The report released Friday showed that U.S. February consumer confidence index fell to 90.7, while the January final value of 92. Bloomberg survey of the expected value of 92.3. In second consecutive months of decline of confidence on the occasion, the family’s long-term inflation expectations also fell to the lowest level since records began in 1979. Declining confidence reflect the impact of the recent stock market turmoil. From the drop in oil prices to the global economic outlook is bleak and many other factors contributed to the volatility of the stock market. At the same time, the prospect of family financial situation is more optimistic, because they expect inflation to remain low. 64 analysts in a Bloomberg survey of the forecast range between 89.9 to 94 of consumer confidence. After the release of the data, the U.S. stock market has narrowed short-term gains. At present or expand again; the S & P 500 index rose 1.5%, the Dow Jones index rose 235 points. (source: Bloomberg) editor: yoshikoto

美国2月密歇根大学消费者信心指数降至90.7 美股行情中心:独家提供全美股行业板块、盘前盘后、ETF、权证实时行情   新浪美股讯 北京时间13日晚彭博称,美国2月份消费者信心降至四个月低点,股市下跌和全球经济状况走弱影响了美国民众对经济的看法。   周五公布的报告显示,美国2月份消费者信心指数初值降至90.7,而1月份终值为92。彭博调查所得的预期中值为92.3。在信心连续第二个月下降之际,家庭的长期通胀预期也同样下滑,降至1979年有记录以来最低水平。   信心的下降反映出近期股市动荡的影响。从油价下跌到全球经济前景变为黯淡等众多因素导致了股市波动。与此同时,家庭对财务状况的前景更加乐观,因为他们预计通胀将维持低位。   接受彭博调查的64位分析师对消费者信心的预测区间介于89.9至94。   该数据公布后,美国股市曾短时收窄涨幅。目前涨幅再度扩大;标普500指数涨1.5%,道琼斯指数涨235点。   (来源:彭博社) 责任编辑:吉言相关的主题文章: