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The Venice Film Festival as the judges Zhao Wei beandregs stunts – Sohu culture channel newspaper news (reporter Xiao Yang) Beijing yesterday morning, the seventy-third Venice International Film Festival, due to the absence of Chinese film finalists, Zhao Wei Ke Zhendong, Zhang Yuqi served as judges and other appearances opening red carpet people become more concerned about the topic. Zhao Wei said that he had just completed his second film director, no other love, this time to Venice when the judges will be a learning and appreciation process. Ke Zhendong’s "goodbye" to bring the new Mandalay red carpet debut in Venice. The film is Ke Zhendong separated for two years films, and became the Taiwan Golden Horse Film Festival Closing film. Director Zhao Deyin said, "Ke Zhendong is talented enough to work hard for the actor, especially happy for him, for the film to pay a year’s time, get sure is a kind of encouragement." As the Venice red carpet debut, Ke Zhendong said: "I feel very fresh, because it is the first time to walk the red carpet in Venice, or in the daytime, not the same as with the previous red carpet feel wonderful. The scene is foreign face, feel the aura of the powerful international film festival." In addition, Zhang Yuqi was invited to attend the opening ceremony of the Italy imaging industry association. But in front of a website reporter Tucao beandregs Film Festival: Venice Film Festival this year in the Movie Palace next to cover up a huge volume of new Sala / Giardino, boxy appearance of all brush over red. The Venice Film Festival, it is a new weather. With the first day of the show is Kim Ki-duk’s new film, under the scorching sun, the door had lined up. However, when the audience in the hall after taking a seat, the magic scene, whenever a row of seats close to the full, the chair will instantly lose focus back down, female Comrades scared to shout and wrangle. Soon, a group of construction personnel will hand drill rushed in and started to row fixed seat…… Delayed half a day later, movies have started to hear a corner heard the sound or the sound of an electric drill, the audience laugh collective tucao. The whole viewing process as a boat, a row of people need to work together before and after the adjustment center of gravity in order to ensure that they will not fall!相关的主题文章: