Wang Ou denies scandal with Hawick Lau imjpmig

Wang Ou denied the Hawick Lau scandal before the actress Wang Ou and actor Hawick Lau exposed the scandal, accused of involvement with Yang Mi’s marriage. At the same time, Wang Ou’s emotional life was picked out and even heard of ever married. November 12th afternoon, Wang Ou appeared in Nanjing to participate in the event, an interview to respond to rumors. Hawick Lau and Wang Ou scandal came as a storm in raise a Babel of criticism of Wang Ou, the parties involved, in addition to micro-blog released a "can not properly play", there has been no reply. And Yang Mi said she believed her husband, Hawick Lau. In November 12th, Wang Ou clarified with Hawick Lau before the scandal in an interview, Hawick Lau denied in marriage, "thank you for your concern, I am not involved in any man’s marriage, and Hawick Lau is cooperation between the colleagues". She said she had to marry Zhang Ge rumors: "I have never been married before. I did with Mr. Zhang Ge, the proposed photo took place in other people’s wedding, but did not come together, but also did not get married and have children, online wedding photos just shoot commercials. We have parted, I hope you do not disturb him." According to Sina相关的主题文章: