Watch pioneer Reinhardt season third jodie foster

Watch the pioneer third season Reinhardt concise strategy this article bring you some tips on a sledgehammer! In a sledgehammer lineup I personally recommend 321. Sledgehammer, maomei, milk, D.Va, 76, spy angels, or sledgehammer, D.Va, pig, milk and other spy. Not to say that no other team, but the D.Va relative to the positive pressure of the hammer. The two lineup of core milk spy, and anti positive. Alternately, not broken hammer fall mecha… In this process, is to do a sledgehammer. Your shield can not be broken, there is an exchange between real-time and D.Va, alternating anti injury, always give yourself a 400-500 shield. Recommend not less than 300. Can properly take the appropriate physical damage, to 300 of the shield must be raised. In the process of anti injury do not give the opposite hair sister charge (I often the first e to throw on the ground, pretend not to hit, hair sister seconds to pay two shield no energy thief injury) don’t be pig hook, don’t be banned milk, don’t be sleep. Of course, completely impossible to do these things, but there is such a thing, in time to communicate with teammates, so that your teammates to protect you. The key here, when your shield is far higher than the enemy shields, can go to a sledgehammer face (no hammer go D.Va face). Put your mouse to the left, hammer, second shield. When your hammer from the right to the left when the second shield. It used to beat each other a sledgehammer face ignorant B (trial Tuhuacun a) plus point tip ~ shield to hammer often put a shield to shield second, opposite don’t know what do you want to put the hammer ~ why intermittent shield ~ I am here to say that. 1. Eat a little bit of damage can be filled with milk. 2. To cheat on the opposite skill. For example, the hook of the pig’s mother’s skill. Maybe there is a number in the heart, put 0.5 seconds to lift the shield, which is where the chicken in the chicken mother) (3). When you put skills, by surprise ~ play must be appropriate to the hammer back shield, when I play often do not know when the fire across the back shield, up no shield. I give you an example: for example, when the opposite off a milk in others, will be back shield. For when the next wave of offensive and defensive shield shield is kept above 1500 ~ sledgehammer core. There is the left side of the a shield. Yesterday afternoon, Nubani a in order to kill a 2/3 blood e tuna trooper. It’s time to put his shield in the middle of his attack, a seconds to jump back to the shield. The blood was almost a shift mill with flat a e, the E is a trooper killed. So the shield level echoes, a spiritual sledgehammer ~ then a question came here when we like into the opposite team upset the orangutan formation, all the fire you reinstall the answer to how to do it ~ is the first in Mai Li shouted, I was. A shift in the second one, regardless of who is hit is good. But try not to hit the ball too far.相关的主题文章: