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Earned 100 thousand yuan 90 guy Xiemou love the Internet technology Wenzhou small remote lock screen other apple mobile phone for 5 months, will make the site, self-taught went on a crooked road. He remotely locks other people’s mobile phones through technical means and Apple phone leaks, and then asks for unlocking fees". In just 5 months, Xie will implement the remote lock screen for 2500 Apple mobile phones, and successfully cheat "unlock fees" more than 10 yuan. Recently, because of the crime of destroying computer information system, this "technical meal" guy, was sentenced to four years imprisonment in the first trial of Pingyang county court in Wenzhou. Not only buy the QQ account and password also self phishing sites to steal passwords Xiemou Jiangxi, this year 20 years old, junior high school to Wenzhou to work in Pingyang after graduation, normally rely on reselling some QQ Liang to earn money. However, Xie is very smart, eager to delve into Internet technology, mobile phones, computers play very slip. Last year, by chance, he landed illegally on someone else’s QQ number, and found that there was an email from Apple Corp in the QQ mailbox, which indicated that the account had been landed on the suspicious computer, such as the non use of myself, the suggestion to change the password, etc.. Thanks to this email, thanks to a post that you read, Apple users can locate, lock and erase data through iPhone phones on certain functions. So, Xiemou in tampering with other apple ID account password, the remote lock screen that QQ master’s mobile phone, and in the lock phone screen display "mobile phone unlock, contact QQ5127XXXX", to the host ask for unlock fee". For the first time, Xie relaxed "earn" to several hundred yuan, from then on, he was out of control. In order to seek more benefits, Xiemou through the network, to buy QQ accounts and passwords to others, through the login of these QQ, find binding to Apple ID QQ mailbox. Since then, Xie also made his own phishing site, stealing QQ passwords. Every lock screen of an Apple phone, ask for "unlock fee" in 100 yuan to 2500 yuan. Within 5 months of the lock screen more than 2500 mobile phone illegal profits more than 10 yuan in September last year, Pingyang was a mobile phone owner Xiemou remote lock screen, reported the matter to the police station in a timely manner. Pingyang police according to the clues provided by the alarm and Xiemou QQ information, will soon arrest it. The investigation, from May 2015 to September, Xiemou through the same method, a total of more than 2500 owners ask for "unlock fee", of which more than 420 machine owners paid the money, totaling 10 yuan. Qianjiang Evening News reporter learned from the relevant mobile phone maintenance professionals, bound to Apple ID mailbox once cracked, hackers can use the Apple phone "find my iPhone" this function, will bind the ID that phone lock. "Find my iPhone is a software that comes with the apple mobile phone, enter the ID number and password, you can navigate to the location of mobile phone, the mobile phone can also lock screen, this function is originally used for searching for the lost mobile phone, which was used for illegal activities." Maintenance personnel said. Earlier, the Qianjiang Evening News had made several similar reports. The apple owner’s cell phone is locked.

温州小伙远程锁屏他人苹果手机 5个月赚了10万元“90后”小伙谢某热爱互联网技术,还会制作网站,自学成才却走上了歪路。他通过技术手段以及苹果手机的漏洞,远程锁屏他人的手机,然后索要“解锁费”。在短短5个月内,谢某便对2500部苹果手机实施了远程锁屏,并成功骗得“解锁费”10万余元。近日,因犯破坏计算机信息系统罪,这个“靠技术吃饭”的小伙,被温州市平阳县法院一审判处有期徒刑四年。不仅购买QQ账号和密码还自建钓鱼网站盗取密码谢某是江西人,今年20岁,初中毕业后就到温州平阳打工,平日里靠倒卖一些QQ靓号赚点钱。不过,谢某很聪明,热衷于钻研互联网技术,手机、电脑玩得很溜。去年,一次偶然的机会,他非法登陆了别人的QQ号,发现这个QQ号的邮箱中,有一封苹果公司发来的邮件,提示该账户已在可疑电脑上登陆,如非本人使用,建议更改密码等。谢某在看到这封邮件后,想起曾看过的一个帖子,苹果用户可以通过iPhone手机上的某些功能,对手机进行定位、锁定及抹除数据等。于是,谢某在篡改他人苹果ID的账号密码后,远程锁屏了那个QQ号主人的手机,并在被锁手机的屏幕上显示“手机解锁,联系QQ5127XXXX”,向机主索要“解锁费”。第一次,谢某轻松“赚”到几百元,从此,他竟一发不可收拾。为了牟取更多利益,谢某通过网络,向别人购买QQ账号及密码,通过登录这些QQ,寻找绑定为苹果ID的QQ邮箱。此后,谢某还自己制作“钓鱼网站”,窃取QQ密码。每锁屏一部苹果手机,索要的“解锁费”在100元至2500元不等。短短5个月锁屏2500多部手机非法获利10万余元去年9月,平阳一名手机机主遭谢某远程锁屏后,及时向派出所报了案。平阳警方根据报警人提供的线索及谢某的QQ信息,很快将其抓捕归案。经查,2015年5月至9月,谢某通过相同的方法,一共向2500多名机主索要“解锁费”,其中420多名机主付了钱,共计10万余元。钱江晚报记者从相关手机维修专业人士处了解到,绑定为苹果ID的邮箱一旦被破解,黑客就可以利用苹果手机上“查找我的iPhone”这个功能,将绑定这个ID的那部手机锁定。“查找我的iPhone是苹果手机自带的一个软件,输入ID号和密码,就可以定位到手机所在的位置,也可以对该手机进行锁屏,这项功能原本是用于寻找丢失的手机的,哪知却被用于违法勾当。”维修人员说。此前,钱江晚报曾做过数次类似的报道。苹果机主的手机被锁定后,如果是从非正规渠道购机,无法提供正规资料,是很难到苹果官方店解锁的。而如果找非官方的维修店,也要支付不菲的费用。在此特别提醒,除了要注意保护自己的手机相关信息外,也不要相信一些来路不明的所谓苹果官方网站发送的电子邮件,苹果公司不会无缘无故地给你发送邮件,更不会向用户索要Apple ID。相关的主题文章: