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Health Many people with hemorrhoids prefer more the natural methods in treating their hemorrhoids – taking away the dis.fort and hassles it brought into their lives (not to mention the awkward situations every time hemorrhoids bleed). One of the most re.mendable natural hemorrhoids cure is the change in diet. Fiber A natural hemorrhoids cure is by including fibrous food in one’s diet. It has been claimed by many people already that fibrous diet can help provide relief from hemorrhoids. Taking more vegetables and fiber-enriched food such as wheat bread and whole grains will help clean your intestines and aid in the digestion of your food, leaving no space for constipation. Constipation, one of the major causes of hemorrhoids, is the individual’s difficulty in removing bowel from the body due to dry and hard stool. Dry and hard stool will required extra effort in the anus area to in order to discharge the waste. The extra pressure causes protrusion of the hemorrhoid vessels as well as its inflammation. When foods rich in fibers are included in the diet, the chances of hard and dry stools are minimized because of the fibers. People suffering from hemorrhoids are re.mended to consume at least 40-gram of fiber each day, while 50-gram of fiber per day is being re.mended for pregnant women especially during their quarter. Foods Rich in Fibers Leafy green vegetables and whole grains are good examples of food that are rich in fiber. Other examples of natural hemorrhoids cure fiber foods are fruits, beans, lentils, cereals, oatmeal, flaxseed, and barley. Eating fruits (usually taken as a dessert) after every meal will help digesting the food that was taken earlier. There are two types of available fibers: (1) soluble fibers and (2) insoluble fibers. Insoluble fibers, which can be found in fresh vegetables and fruits, also help in health problems resulting from colon and rectal cancer. The two body organs (colon and rectum) are also parts of the body that are mainly affected during hemorrhoids. One other technique of a natural hemorrhoids cure is self-discipline discipline. When suffering from hemorrhoids, you should avoid eating canned or processed foods. These kinds of foods contain preservatives and are therefore hard to digest, causing hard, dry stools to form which results to constipation. Other foods to avoid include meat and dairy products since these do not contain fibers. One should be disciplined enough to patiently read product contents printed on food packagings to make sure you’ll be eating what you’re only supposed to eat. Water Drinking the re.mended 8 glasses of water everyday is also one re.mended natural hemorrhoids cure. Having adequate amount of water in the body gives the same result as when one eats fibrous foods: it softens the stool and aids in digestion, allowing for a smooth bowel movement. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: