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Fashion-Style It is really interesting when you look at a category of clothing such as mens tee shirts and find that it really can tell you a lot about a person. Just knowing this will get you to thinking when you are buying them for yourself or as a gift. First though .es the practicality when purchasing any type of clothing. You may think that with these types of tops because they really are not an inexpensive item that quality is not all that important. If you really want them to look good and wear well then it is important to consider brands. These types of tops used to be the choice for the guys when they just wanted to lounge about the house or if they had chores to do. Now they have taken on a new role where they are often worn for casual occasions. Usually they are paired up with a pair of name brand jeans or shorts and they are expected to have the same quality as these items. By going with the name brands you are not going to get the shrinkage or the stretching which soon takes away from their use or looks. Washing them with a little care also helps to keep their new look. The colors wont fade or be.e dull looking when washed in a warm or cold wash. When it .es to choices of styles and colors for mens tee shirts and you want to purchase one as a gift, aside from the brand you want to consider style. Is the man that you buying this form on the slim side or has a macho type character? If so he will probably enjoy the types of shirt that hugs the body more, whereas for the older or those on the heavy side they may prefer a looser cut. This is where you are going to want to pay some attention to the materials of the shirt as that will define the fit, as well as getting the appropriate size. For color if you arent sure what the preference may be then you can never go wrong with white, black, grey or brown. These are colors that will work with the rest of the wardrobe. Some of these mens tee shirts have funny or serious sayings on them, while others have patterns. Again you will need to know a little about the gift recipient to make the best choice here. An exception to this would be if the shirt were for a special occasion like a 40th birthday then it would be appropriate to buy a shirt with a saying that would relate to this. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: