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It is of .mon knowledge that quality of software products depend upon .mon efforts and mutual understanding of all the project parties. Good relationships and sympathy between all the project members is of outmost importance for creating profitable, salable, .petitive application. A lot depends on relationships between software testers and developers. Software engineers often .plain about bug reports and testers claim that the developers do not want to admit their mistakes and fix the reported defects. In some cases one party is right in others the other. A confirms that writing understandable, distinct and informative error reports is quite a difficult task and requires certain skills and knowledge. But for creating good error reports ability to take the place of the developers reading the reports and correcting the defects is no less important. Sometimes performing – Criticize their work and place in question their .petence. Testers should keep in mind that no one would like such attitude. It is unprofessional to write something like that and similar bug reports show in.petence of the tester rather than the developer. – Describe the problem in a way that it cannot be reproduced. Such reports usually are sent back, what upsets the testers who provided the reports. – Write something vague and in.prehensible. Such error reports only waste time both of the developers and the testers and abate the project profitability. Software engineers distinguish several types of in.prehensible error reports. – Have obscure vague description and title that do not explain why and what must be corrected. Such reports usually have clear steps to reproduce and can be easily repeated but it is hard to understand why the tester thinks that something must be changed there. – Have sophisticated or insufficient steps to reproduce. In this case the developers have to guess how to repeat the error relying upon .ments, attached videos and screenshots. – Have no supplementary materials illustrating the problem. It may be hard to reproduce and understand the problem without any additions demonstrating it. – Provide too little information about the issue. The description and title may give too general or insufficient information about the error. The mentioned error defects make any Customer Service Made Easier With Streamlined .munication By: Nathan Grabriel – Customers are the priorities of each and every .pany, but there are times when they can be.e very difficult to deal with. .panies dont have a choice however, and they need to make sure that they hear their customers out regardless of the .plaint. Customers can be.e even more frustr … Tags: Best Services For Root Cause Analysis At Appensure By: sinuse – You can apply Root cause analysis to almost any situation. 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