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Parenting Rearing a child into adulthood "" ready to face different challenges and able to live to be a respectable and resourceful adult of society "" should be the goal of every parent. When you bring a child into this world, it is important to be able to balance discipline, love, guidance, freedom, spirituality, and education to help raise a good citizen. Not all children are lucky enough to have a balanced and normal childhood though. Some be.e victims of child abuse and this often changes the future for them unless help is given. Here are some facts about child abuse which every parent should be aware of. Know the Signs of Child Abuse Whether you"re a parent, a teacher, an aunt, or a neighbour, knowing child abuse symptoms could help save a life of a child. Learn them and be vigilant with the children you encounter, who knows, you might be able to make a difference in someone"s life. Here are some signs of child abuse: "Fear. A child being abused may show signs of fear towards a person abusing him or fear to go home if the abuse is taking place there. "Changes in behaviour. Behavioural changes such as being withdrawn, angry, or scared are .mon signs. Changes in eating habits could be caused by the stress of the abuse. Changes in a child"s sleeping pattern may also be a sign. Being tired all the time, having trouble sleeping, or having nightmares are also signs. "Injuries. Unexplained injuries such as bruises or scars should never be taken for granted. Unrealistic reasons given by the child should be double checked. What to Do When a Child is Being Abused When you suspect a child to be abused remember to think rationally, to stay calm, to show concern and interest to the child, and remember to take action. Believe a child when he says he is being abused. Calmly call for help and never overwhelm the child with pressure and questions. Treating an Abused Child It is always best to let the experts help in rehabilitating and caring for abused children. Dr. Deborah O. Day and Psychological Affiliates can do just that. Psychological Affiliates is a group .posed of mental health professionals. Established in 1988 by Dr. Deborah O. Day , Psychological Affiliates are able to give outpatient services for different kinds of mental health problems. They specialize in problems such as child abuse, play therapy, adolescent and adult issues, .prehensive parenting plan evaluations and a lot more. With both expertise and experience, Psychological Affiliates can help a child in getting over an abuse through different techniques that expert Psychologists use. Psychological Affiliates are also experienced in working with physicians, legal professionals, non-profit organizations, state agencies and inpatient facilities. About the Author: PSYCHOLOGICAL AFFILIATES is a group of mental health professionals established by Deborah O. Day, Psy.D. since 1988. Our practice provides .prehensive outpatient services for a wide variety of mental health issues. Individual, family, and group psychotherapy, along with .prehensive evaluations, are available. We specialize in the areas of child abuse, play therapy, divorce-related issues, adolescent and adult issues, criminal/forensic psychology and .prehensive parenting plan evaluations Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: