WHO Expert antibiotics can not be used to treat cold abuse is dangerous-tonya mitchell

The World Health Organization expert: antibiotics cannot treat colds abuse is dangerous – Beijing, Beijing, September 23, 23 days according to the Russian satellite network reported that the WHO antimicrobial resistance of senior technical expert Taylor said, antibiotics cannot treat the flu and colds, but often taking the drugs is very dangerous, may enhance the resistance of harmful bacteria the. She said: "the first reason for not using antibiotics in the treatment of flu and cold is no antibiotic treatment effect, so the use of antibiotics is just a waste of time and money, can play the role of antibiotics is only bacteria." Taylor said that antibiotics can not cure influenza caused by influenza, including bird flu and swine flu. In addition, the long-term use of antibiotics will promote the rapid development of resistance to harmful bacteria, followed by this antibiotic will no longer produce results. "So every time we use antibiotics to treat colds and other diseases, we’re just trying to expand the risk that antibiotics don’t work," he says." Who data, chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis may be in the near future will become incurable diseases, because these diseases caused by bacteria in the face of antibiotics is becoming more stable. "It is the most important way for bacteria to become resistant to antibiotics," he said. "We have to be more strict about this."相关的主题文章: