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"In the preface:" who of China to China road winding and the Museum of any valuable collections, released a book, but also that there is a sequence of events. The seeds of this book came from the accidental discovery of the archives of Harvard University in 1990s. At that time, we were writing the competition under the shadow. That is our previous work that describes how Russia, Britain and the United States fought for the right to rule in central asia. The book’s protagonist is Aurel stein. Born in Hungary, he was an explorer of the ruins of the ancient Silk road. In 1930s, Stein at the Harvard University under the sponsorship of the Fogg Art Museum, the implementation of the fourth and last time ill fated expedition. When we look through those files, Xie Lin found a folder, filled with letters, between the lines full of miserable description. The writer is a young man named Laurence’s history, is the recipient of his mentor, Fogg Art Museum Landon wallna. Xie Lin let my attention to the correspondence between the master, especially where the China north of Longmen Grottoes, and with a huge limestone carved statue of immortality. One thousand years ago, Longmen Grottoes was once the sacred destination of the Buddhist Pilgrims (now a UNESCO World Heritage site). At that time, the Nelson Museum has just opened in Kansas City (1933), has been a lot of money ($11 million) donation. In order to give the museum collection of Asian art, scottman embarked on a long journey. However, the history of his way of trouble, went for help. There are thousands of caves in Longmen, like a maze. Local farmers steal according to buyer’s order. The Longmen Grottoes art treasures to appear in Yu Beiping (now Beijing) back alley antique shop. Scottman how to act? Specifically, whether he should collect "empress ceremony map" embossed pieces? More than a decade ago, Landon Wallner himself had been to the huge Buddhist grottoes in Longmen, also faced the same problem. Wallna charming, a powerful and unconstrained style love. This time, he made a deliberate suggestions on scottman. He bluntly asked scottman to take urgent relief again, costs from the Fogg Art Museum and the Nelson Museum (eventually, "sharing empress ceremony map" located in the Nelson Museum). During the period of chaos in China, the ancient sites there are easy to become targets of thieves, wanton destruction of public property and collectors’ competitors. Indeed, Schectman’s main rival is Puallen (also a Harvard), he was trying to get away with the "empress ceremony map" adjacent to a relief in Longmen in the same cave, namely "imperial ceremony map" (now Metropolitan Museum of Art stars, it exhibits) portrays an emperor and Buddha. The scene. So, what is right? What is wrong? When we visited Dunhuang, the Buddhist site on the Silk Road, the problem came back to our eyes. As to the Fogg Art Museum collection of cultural relics, Landon wallna has tried to use the simple glue removing Dunhuang murals. Our local guide with a finger hole wall mural, genuine meaning相关的主题文章: