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Qiu Yuanping analysis why Sun Zhongshan called "overseas Chinese as the mother of the revolution" – Beijing, China News Agency, Beijing, November 15 (reporter Ran Wenjuan) "Sun Zhongshan praised" the overseas Chinese is the mother of the revolution ", is the correct evaluation on them in the modern democratic revolution in the historical status and historical exploits." The State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office Director Qiu Yuanping news agency in an interview with reporters said that overseas Chinese revolution is Sun Zhongshan’s most ardent supporters, the revolution of 1911 is an important pioneer and driving force. First of all, the overseas Chinese is Sun Zhongshan’s revolutionary thoughts enlightenment and disseminators. Qiu Yuanping said that overseas Chinese pursuit of advanced ideas of national independence and prosperity, freedom and progress, resonate and influence on Sun Zhongshan, become the important spiritual origin of the 1911 revolution. Secondly, the overseas Chinese is an important pillar of Sun Zhongshan revolutionary organization. The xingzhonghui and China alliance members are the first overseas Chinese, overseas Chinese in support of expanding the scale, to 1905 xingzhonghui members of the Chinese overseas accounted for 70%. Again, the overseas Chinese is a major source of funding for the Sun Zhongshan revolution. They braved the danger of extermination of the domestic families were implicated, without hesitation, jienangxiangzhu spare no effort. The Sun Zhongshan revolution funds and pay, including Sun Zhongshan went around the travel and living expenses, the basic source of overseas Chinese donations. According to statistics, overseas Chinese donated approximately HK $10 million, which is an astronomical figure at the time, not including all the bonds they buy xingzhonghui and allies will be issued." Qiu Yuanping said, it is because Chinese donor support, Sun Zhongshan restarted at 20 times after a failed uprising, the ultimate success. Finally, the overseas Chinese is the backbone of the Sun Zhongshan revolution. Xinhai revolution launched 20 armed uprising, more than 10 times the core backbone of overseas chinese." Qiu Yuanping told reporters that in 1895 the Guangzhou uprising, the main members of the uprising in the afternoon of 1907, mainly from overseas Chinese, 72 people in the martyrs of the Yellow gang of 31 overseas Chinese, from Singapore and Malaysia and other countries to return to the uprising of not less than 500 people. "In a certain sense, no overseas Chinese is not the victory of the 1911 revolution. Mr Sun Zhongshan laments that "overseas Chinese are the mother of the revolution"." Qiu Yuanping said. (end)相关的主题文章: