Woman on the cash machine found in the mysterious circuit board embedded camera jiuyaogan

Woman found in the cash machine on the cash board embedded camera camera on the ATM teller machine found on the mysterious circuit board, embedded camera! Just past the eleven golden week, which happened in a bank near the Shahekou District of Dalian City Heishijiao events, triggered a great concern of the public and users, the official WeChat a WeChat on the early morning of October 3rd issued reading reached 100 thousand +, what is this thing? Micro-blog broke the mystery board Sina micro-blog decisive alarm users @ sweet drunk language issued a micro-blog 16:40 in October 2nd, attracted everyone’s attention, the netizen wrote: "micro-blog in a bank just in Heishijiao ATM keyboard cover found inside! It’s horrible! Fortunately, before the card, we must be cautious! Now go to the police!" Release this news at the same time, the user also @ Dalian public security. Photos released by users, the reporter saw, the picture is a circuit board, the board has a suspected camera device. On the Internet, and similar devices many articles, in the ATM field has been discovered, is to obtain bank card information and passwords. Netizen @ sweet drunk language decisive alarm behavior has the support of many friends and praise. Daily economic news reporter noted that in the comments below this micro-blog up to 54, forwarding and reading volume is very high. Whistleblowers say the opposite side of the circuit board and a memory card quickly, this news release sweet language users @ drunk is Peninsula morning National Day holiday on duty WeChat small retrieved, WeChat small and Baoliao Zhao contact, Ms. Zhao describes what happened. Ms. Zhao said, the time is about 3 o’clock in the afternoon of October 2nd, at that time in front of the ATM machine to withdraw money is her husband, Mr. Lu, "fortunately, my husband usually take money are more attention, if not found, the consequences be unbearable to contemplate." Talking about the situation at that time, Zhao constantly stressed very nervous, I did not expect such a thing will happen in their own body." In addition, according to Zhao recalled, was too excited, only took a picture, in fact, there is also a Zhang Cunchu card on the back of the circuit, especially small." Zhao said that they chose the alarm for the first time, the police asked about the details of the case, leaving a contact telephone." At the same time, Ms. Zhao said she and her husband suspected other ATM machines may also have such devices. The door event tracking device and ATM machine cover colors like WeChat Peninsula morning Xiaobian found that access to information, the device side baffle Zhao and her husband found is usually installed in the ATM keyboard, because when people enter the password withdrawals are downward angle, so it is difficult to pay attention to the baffle plate side one more thing. Reporters search found that CCTV has reported the news, in order to verify the effect of camera, the police had used in a a miniature camera mounted on the ATM machine experiment, from the camera to the screen can be seen, the cardholder password input process at a glance. With such a camera, as well as a card reader. Usually, the card reader has a number of electronic components, connected with the plug bayonet. In order for the reader to be difficult to find, the color and size of the general appearance of the card reader.相关的主题文章: