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Tokyo Film Festival Wu Zhenyu Feynman paternity suit handsome adorable appearance – "Dad" Wu Zhenyu entertainment Sohu Wu Zhenyu Feynman, peeling red carpet Sohu entertainment news October 25th twenty-ninth Tokyo Film Festival in Tokyo curtain roppongi. Wu Zhenyu, led by the warmth of comedy fantasy film, peeling dad, the current Tokyo film festival main competition unit, and participate in the main competition unit competing awards. The red carpet, Wu Zhenyu a pure black suit appeared as a guest in the Feynman is a role for the first time on the International Film Festival Red carpet. On the Tokyo Film Festival red carpet, the movie "peeling dad" director and screenwriter Stuart Huizhuo, starring Wu Zhenyu and Louis Koo as the film cast appeared, the son of Wu Zhenyu Feynman as guest stars, first appeared on the International Film Festival Red carpet. Wu Zhenyu Feynman, all dressed in a black suit on stage, as children like, Feynman is handsome revealing a trace of adorable. The movie "Dad" Wu Zhenyu peeling, and Louis Koo’s father and son, and the red carpet "Wu Sansui" Wu Zhenyu with her 8 year old son Feynman, and 46 year old Louis Koo walked together at the Tokyo Film Festival red carpet, do not have some fun. Wu Zhenyu in the "peeling dad" as the father of Louis Koo, but because of special reasons, the father of the layers of the skin to take off the old, and become young. Wu Zhenyu across the 60 year old, age of 52, at the age of 28, at the age of 19 years of age, to show a father of the different stages of life, the magic of color and warmth and joy to pay equal attention to the six stages of the.   相关的主题文章: