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Xi’an 72 year old "butterfly dream": by collecting stamps and become attached to China Daily when the butterfly love butterfly beauty from collecting stamps, from half a life chasing the dream". Xi’an seventy elderly Shou Jianxin recent butterfly books. Ill do not forget the dream of yesterday, Xi’an Electronic City building, 72 year old Shou Jianxin in his wife’s arm to walk, his bedroom and study the corner walls, everywhere hanging butterflies. The summer of 2004 he suffered a brain hemorrhage, from the theory of "1, 2, 3, he resumed the" butterfly dream ", persisted. In September this year, his "world" list of butterflies published book of world science and Technology Press, 15337 species of butterflies, including China butterfly 2233. All the butterflies in the book came from his collection of stamps and collections. Dr. Yuan Xiangqun of Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University professor Zhou Yao, his assistant said, "this book fills a gap in our country in this academic field, is a new starting point for butterflies and study in China to the world, with international standards". Let Dr. Yuan Xiangqun gasp in admiration, Shou Jianxin alone to keep old hobbies in the field, and ultimately by non professionals to become a famous butterfly expert. For collecting stamps and the butterfly attached Shou Jianxin told China Daily reporter, love collecting stamps and stamps on the primary school, a beautiful butterfly captured his heart, and a lifetime are chasing a "butterfly dream", "often go to the tower next to the post and telecommunications building, as long as the butterfly stamps, hard also want to buy". To the 80s of last century, he collected butterfly stamps up to 500, covering a range of more than and 100 countries. After collecting butterfly stamps, he began to collect butterflies and make specimens. Until he was ill, he almost every year, one or more times for the butterfly and the journey started, the footprint in and outside the province, Shennongjia is the place he went to the most. For the first time, he also discovered the smallest butterfly in the country, the little black and white butterfly. "Butterfly God" only "supernumerary" disciple Shou Jianxin said, a century on 80s by chance, he saw a photo of Mr Zhou Yao in the pictorial, Zhou Yao is a tenured professor at Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University, because of outstanding contributions to the study of butterflies, known as the "butterfly god". Then, he took to find professor Zhou Yao illustrated xinong. Professor Zhou Yao was pleased to hear that he was very fond of butterflies. When he said to worship Zhou Yao as a teacher, Professor Zhou readily agreed, Professor Zhou Shou Jianxin has become only a "supernumerary" disciple. Since then, Shou Jianxin continue to collect stamps, while self-study butterfly professional knowledge. In the 90s of last century, the world butterfly stamp, a book published, this is the first book I and Zhou teacher published". In 1991, Shou Jianxin and Professor Zhou Yao once again co published "Rhopalocerorum sinensium" Chinese, this book is also known as the first Chinese butterfly encyclopedia. In April 2000, he found a new kind of Luehdorfia in Ningshan, in order to commemorate professor Zhou Yao died in 2008, he will be the new species named "Luehdorfia choui". "Butterfly" all the way to support the "World Butterfly classification system and the Chinese name is a.相关的主题文章: