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Taxes Did you know that if you are required to wear a uniform as a part of your job requirement or for that matter any other specialist clothing, then you are entitled to get the uniform tax rebate. You can claim for the tax refund help against the cost of providing the clothing and also for washing, maintaining and repairing of the clothing as such. You are also entitled to the uniform tax rebate in case you are a regular employee of the Pay as you earn (PAYE). And at the most you can make uniform tax rebate claims that dates back to April 2004. Whether you can claim for the uniform tax rebate or not entirely depends on the type of clothing that you require to wear at the work place. In case the clothing that you wear to work can also be worn outside your work place, then in that case the clothing is generally not tax deductible. It is simply because the tax office does not consider such clothing to be the cost of work expense. It also means that most of the work clothing like the fancy suits, smart dresses etc which although are meant for your office purpose only and which you would never wear outside the work place, may not be eligible for the uniform tax rebate. But regardless of the fact that whether you wear those clothing within the office or outside, the decision of the tax office is usually based up on whether you have a choice in selecting the clothing for office purpose. Some flat rate tax refund help is available in case the clothing is branded and when you do not wear it other than in office as regular clothing. For example, the supermarket staffs who wear work uniforms can claim for the uniform tax rebate since their clothing is tax deductible as the clothing usually have the name of the super market embroidered in it. The same rules apply in case of the uniforms of the nurses and the policemen. It is easier to look for the tax refund help and apply for the flat rate deduction. There are many firms which offer tax refund help to the employees of the uniformed sector of jobs. All you need is to search and speak to them about the uniform tax rebate and the tax refund help that they can offer you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: